Design Excellence Scorecard

Moreland is undergoing a rapid period of change as a growing number of people choose to make Moreland their home. This growth requires us to consider the ways we can improve the quality and liveability of medium and high-density development.

In response, Council has endorsed a 12-month trial of the Moreland Design Excellence Scorecard (PDF 257Kb).

The Scorecard was an action arising out of the Medium Density Housing Review, which Council endorsed in October 2018.

What is the Moreland Design Excellence Scorecard?

The Scorecard is a voluntary tool for applicants to use. 

The Scorecard establishes a benchmark for design excellence of medium and high-density development in Moreland.

The standards of this benchmark are in addition to the requirements of the Moreland Planning Scheme.

The Scorecard focuses on four key areas:

  1. Building design and materials
  2. Environmentally sustainable design and building performance
  3. Building accessibility, and
  4. Community benefit.

All four components must be met to be compliant with the Scorecard.

Developments meeting this Scorecard provide significantly improved design outcomes and community benefit.

Trial of the Scorecard process

A trial of the Scorecard process began in March 2019 and will run for 12 months.

After the trial, the Scorecard process will be evaluated and a report provided to Council in early 2020. A community meeting will be held as part of the review.

Eligibility for the Scorecard process

Participation in the Scorecard is voluntary. Participants may nominate themselves or may be encouraged to participate by a Council Planning Officer.

If you would like to participate in the Scorecard process, we strongly encourage you to apply for a pre-application meeting.

Council will also let planning permit applicants know if they are eligible for the Scorecard process during a pre-application meeting or when a permit application is received.

Permit applicants will receive written advice from Council prior to public notice confirming whether their application complies with the Scorecard.

Benefits of participating

There are a number of incentives for participants to meet the requirements of the Scorecard:

  1. An opportunity for additional pre-application meetings with Council Officers free of charge.
  2. The Council Officer you meet at the pre-application meeting will manage the permit application, where possible.
  3. Support through the application process from a Senior Planner and a Planning Coordinator.
  4. A guaranteed decision by Council Officers, rather than at a Council meeting, resulting in a potential time saving of 4 to 6 weeks.
  5. An additional meeting with Council Officers after a decision is made to facilitate endorsement of plans and reports.

Other requirements

Applicants taking part in the Scorecard process follow the standard permit application process, including public notice, and must meet the objectives of the planning scheme.

Public notification and consultation meetings with affected people continue to take place and Planning Information and Discussion meetings may be held enabling Councillors to discuss proposals with permit applicants and objectors.

Permit applicants and objectors continue to have the right to seek a review of planning decisions by Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

How proposals are assessed

Council Officers will determine whether a proposal meets all the requirements of the Scorecard. Assessment of whether an application meets Scorecard requirements will be based on the details outlined in the Guidelines for Applicants (PDF 32Mb).

Further information

If you would like further information or have a question about the Moreland Design Excellence Scorecard, please contact Council Planning on 9240 1111.