Bus shelters

Bus shelter adshellBus shelters in Moreland

Of the 650 bus stops in Moreland, about 200 stops have a bus shelter.

There are a several different types of bus shelters in Moreland.

The newer glass bus shelters were installed and are maintained under private partnerships between Public Transport Victoria and Adshel, and between Moreland Council and JC Decaux.

Council also owns and maintains its own shelters which usually have pebble mix concrete or metal sides.

How to report a damaged bus shelter

Report damage to a bus shelter in Moreland through the Council website, or contact Council. Provide the location of the bus shelter and information about the issue.

Council will log the issue and forward your request to the appropriate bus shelter maintenance company.

Alternatively, you can contact the bus shelter maintenance company directly. A hotline number is located on each bus shelter.

New bus shelters

Council installs 5 to 6 new bus shelters a year in Moreland.

Highest priority goes to bus stops which are most regularly used. Boarding information is provided by bus companies and myki data.