Work zone parking restrictions

When you can apply for work zone parking restriction

To assist with building works, Council offers work zone parking restrictions next to building sites.

Council will consider work zone parking restriction applications when the following conditions are met:

  • There is sufficient width abutting the property to fit the work zone, so that the zone will not be in front of another resident’s property.
  • There are not any ‘No stopping’ restrictions in the proposed location.
  • There are no Clearway operating times in the proposed location.
  • That Council receives no more than 2 written objections to the introduction of the work zone restrictions from residents in the street. Council will send a letter to the abutting residents advising them of the proposed restrictions.

Only vehicles necessary for works at the site (such as trucks and trade vehicles carrying essential equipment) can park in the work zone. The restrictions are not to be used for commuter employee parking.

A work zone parking restriction will only be issued along one side of the property, even where the work zone has multiple boundaries.


Work zone parking restrictions incur a fee. The fee is reviewed yearly.

The 2019-20 standard fee for authorisation and installation of work zone restrictions is $735.20 including GST. This includes the occupation of up to 2 standard dimensioned parking bays (12 metres if the parking is parallel).

If more parking spaces for essential work vehicles is required, a supplementary fee of $35 per week will be charged for each additional bay.

How to apply for work zone parking restrictions

What you need

The following information is required to process an application:

  • Building site address
  • Map of requested location of work zone
  • Operating hours that the restrictions are to apply (typically Monday to Friday 7 am - 4 pm, Saturday 9 am - 1 pm)
  • Length of time of the construction works (up to 12 months), and
  • Invoicing details, including an address and ABN.

How to apply

Submit the required information using the online form or fax to 9240 1205 (attention Transport).