Visitor parking permits

We did not enforce timed restrictions while stage 4 restrictions were in place.

With restrictions easing, we will begin enforcing timed restrictions from Monday 7 December 2020. 

If you need to park for longer than allowed in a time-restricted parking space, you will need to apply for a resident parking epermit before Monday 7 December 2020. If you do not have an epermit, you could get fined.


Further information will be available for residents and businesses in the affected areas soon.


What kinds of visitor permits do you have?

We have 3 types of visitor parking permits.

1. Book of 10 scratch tickets

These visitor permits are sold in books of 10 scratch tickets.

Each ticket allows the visitor to park for that day only. The ticket must be displayed on the dashboard with the date visible.

The day, month, and year needs to be scratched off for that particular day you would like it to be valid for.

$24.95 Full fee
$12.45 Concession

Who can apply

Only residents who live in a street with timed parking restrictions can apply for the book of 10 scratchy visitor parking permit and a weekly visitor permit. Residents must live in a property which has not been subdivided after August 2011.

2. Weekly visitors permit

Full fee: $12.75
Concession: $6.40

Who can apply:
Only residents who live in a street with timed parking restrictions can apply for the book of 10 scratchy visitor parking permit and a weekly visitor permit. Residents must live in a property which has not been subdivided after August 2011.

Who can not apply for book of 10 scratch tickets and weekly visitor permits

If you live in a property which was subdivided after August 2011 you are not eligible for the ‘book of 10 scratchy tickets’ and ‘weekly visitors permit’.

This includes newer townhouses and apartments.

This is due to the Parking Management Policy adopted by Council in 2011, which sought to provide protection for existing residents in older properties who rely on on-street parking. Find out more about our parking policy.

Check if your property is eligible for a parking permit

Check if you are eligible for a parking permit by typing in your property address. This search function checks whether your property was or was not subdivided after August 2011.

Enter your address

Residents of newer properties (subdivided after August 2011) are mostly ineligible for visitor permits. Council will allow these residents to apply for an exemption if they need people to visit them by car for more than two hours for reasons such as age, disability, health or social isolation. A supporting letter will be required from a doctor or other health professional, a social worker, case worker or similar. This will allow visits not only from health care or social work professionals, but also volunteer carers, family and friends, for those who need it most.

Where can I park with a visitor parking permit?

With a visitor parking permit, you can park in timed parking areas in your street except for restrictions below 30 minutes and prohibited areas such as ‘no stopping’ and ‘loading zones’.

If you live on a corner property, a permit can be issued for either the front street or side street.

A permit does not guarantee there will be a parking space available in your street.

A permit is only valid for the street of issue on your parking permit and in your application form.

More information, read our Parking Management Policy (DOC 184Kb) provides further details.

How do I apply for one of the visitor parking permit?

To apply for a book of 10 scratch tickets or a weekly visitor permit:

What you need

To apply for a visitor parking permit you will need one of the following documents as proof of residency at the property address:

  • Driver's licence (with current address)
  • Rates notice
  • Lease agreement, or
  • Utility bill.

A mobile phone bill is not accepted as proof of residency.

You do not need proof of residence for the daily parking permit.


Apply for a visitors scratch ticket booklet online

In person

Print the parking permit application form (PDF 192Kb) and fill it out or ask one of our customer service centres for a copy.

On the form, you can select which permit you want to apply for.

You can apply for multiple permits at the same time.

Go to one of our customer service centres with your form and proof of residency document and pay the fee.

Your permit will then be processed, and you will receive the permit in the mail.

Scratch ticket permits are available on the spot at customer service centres.

By mail

Print the parking permit application form (PDF 192Kb) and fill it out.

Attach a copy of proof of residency, and a cheque or money order to Moreland City Council, Locked Bag 10, Moreland 3058.

To apply for a $10.30 daily parking permit:


Apply for a daily parking permit online ($10.30 in some areas, $2.50 in specific areas around Merlynston station). 

In person

Go to one of our customer service centres. Ask for a $10.30 daily parking permit and make a payment. You will then receive a scratch ticket on the spot. You can pay and receive multiple daily parking permits at the same time. 

When can I expect to receive my permit? 

You will receive your permit in the mail in about 2 weeks after applying.

This applies to everyone except for scratch ticket permits which are handed over the counter.

Let us know if you need the visitor permits sooner and we will work to expediate them as required.

When do the visitor parking permits expire and how do I renew?

The book of 10 scratchy ticket visitor parking permits do not have an expiry date.

The weekly visitor parking permits are valid for a set week and will need to be renewed after those dates pass.

Recent changes to visitor parking permits

At the February meeting, Council determined to allow each household that is eligible for visitor parking permits a free book of 10 daily visitor permits in 2020, and a free book of five daily visitor permits in 2021.

These will be available to all eligible residents when the new 2P 8am-8pm parking restrictions are rolled out in your street.

Council will proactively provide these to eligible residents over the coming months.

Parking changes delayed until COVID-19 pandemic ends 

Moreland Council's implementation of the new planned parking restrictions in some areas of Moreland has been delayed until after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. 

We will contact residents and businesses in the affected areas when more information is available.