Disabled parking permits

A Disabled Persons' Parking Scheme currently operates in Victoria. VicRoads has more information on the Scheme.

Victorian disability parking permit scheme update

From late 2019, the Disability Parking Permit Scheme is changing to the Accessibility Parking Permit Scheme. This new statewide scheme will centralise and digitise the system, making the application and renewal process easier to use, simpler to understand and fairer for all. 

For further information, please visit the VicRoads' website.

Who can apply for a permit

The VicRoads assessment criteria is used by Council to determine if you can apply for a permit and which category of permit you are eligible for.

A Disabled Persons Parking permit can only be used by the permit holder in the vehicle that they are travelling in.

Permit categories

There are 2 types of permits with different parking concessions based on a person's need for assistance. Council determines which category of permit you are eligible for based on the VicRoads assessment criteria.


Residents with disabled parking permits will be able to access residential parking permits, even if they live in housing subdivided after August 2011.

Blue parking permit

A blue parking permit is a category one permit. This permit allows the holder to park in a designated disabled car parking space. These spaces often have time restrictions on them, for example 2P (2 hour parking). The time restrictions must be adhered to. This permit does not exempt you from the restrictions.

In addition, category one permit holder is entitled to park for twice as long in a timed car parking space (non disabled parking bay). For example, the permit holder is entitled to park for two hours in a one hour car parking space.

The permit holder is also exempt from paying for parking in a timed parking area, but only within the Moreland City Council area. Disabled parking permit conditions vary from Council to Council and you may not be eligible in other areas.

Green parking permit

A green permit is a category two permit. The permit holder is entitled to park for double the time period in a timed car parking space. 

Category two permit holders still have to buy a ticket or put money in the meter in a timed parking area. For example, if the area specifies 1 hour parking, you are required to purchase a ticket covering the first hour and then you will be entitled to an additional hour.

This permit does not allow the holder to park in a designated disabled car parking space.

Where to display a parking permit

Permits must be clearly displayed so the permit number and expiry date are visible from the exterior of the vehicle.


There is no fee for a Disabled Persons Parking permit.

How to apply for a Disabled Persons Parking permit

  1. Download and complete Part A of the Disabled Persons Parking permit application form (DOC 77Kb)
  2. Ask your doctor to complete and sign Part B of the form
  3. Bring your form to a Council Customer Service Centre or mail to Moreland City Council, Locked Bag 10, Moreland 3058

Organisations that transport people with disability should complete and submit the Disabled Persons Parking for Organisations application form (DOC 52Kb).

What happens after you apply

If you are eligible to receive a permit it will be issued and posted to you within 10 working days.

Permit expiry and renewal

Displaying an expired permit may result in an infringements being issued. To avoid an infringement, it is important that you display a current permit. A letter will be sent to permit holders prior to the expiry of the existing permit.

Lost or stolen permit

If a permit is lost or stolen, a statutory declaration must be signed and submitted to Council. Once the statutory declaration is received, another permit will be issued. 

Interstate or international permits

Victorian disability parking permits are recognised in all Australian states and territories.

If you have an overseas disability parking permit you can arrange a temporary permit for Victoria through VicRoads.