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Current tenders

Visit our online eTender website to view our current tenders and submit tenders. You must register before you can download or submit an electronic response.

Current tenders

Tender process

1. We advertise tenders on the eTender website.

2. You can then register, download tender documents and lodge an electronic response via the website.

3. All registered suppliers for that procurement category or tender will be notified via the system of available tenders. The tender is also advertised in The Age newspaper (once-off ad in the paper).

4. Registered users can log in and view or download the tender documents.

5. All communication between Council and the respondent will occur via the eTendering website.

6. Tender respondents upload their tender submission via the eTendering website.

7. The tender will close at the advertised time. Documents not uploaded by the closing time will not be accepted. We are unable to view tender submissions until after the closing time.

8. Once the tender has been evaluated and awarded, all respondents will be notified of the procurement outcome.

Tendering website

  • To register you need your:

    • business name
    • Australian Business Number (ABN)
    • contact details
    • an understanding of your business, to choose the relevant business category

    Once you have registered the system will send you an email with your log-in details. You will then receive notifications of upcoming relevant tenders.

    Register on our eTendering website

  • Email Moreland Council Procurement your details (listed above) and we will contact you.

    • All documents loaded to the system are virus checked.
    • Only a person with your log in and password can access your data.

    Our Procurement team cannot see tender documentation until the tender has closed.

  • Public tenders are advertised in The Age newspaper.

    Tenders will be posted to the eTendering website. Registered companies will be notified once relevant tenders are posted.

Supplier guide

For more information on the procurement and tender process see the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) guide to Doing business with local government.

Procurement policy

Our Procurement Policy outlines the principles, processes and procedures applied to all purchases of goods, services and works by Moreland Council.

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to contracts that are not subject to any prior agreement or written conditions.