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Get tested in Moreland

Information last updated: 18 January 2022

Please note: the closing times for the testing sites on this page (marked with a *) refer to the approximate time the last person will be seen. If there are long queues, the line may close before the scheduled time.

Testing sites and hours are subject to change. Other testing locations can be found on the Victorian Government's Coronavirus website.

Glenroy testing sites

Walk-through: 7am to 7pm* 
Glenroy Community Hall: 5 Cromwell Street, Glenroy

Coburg testing sites

Walk-through: 8am to 6pm*
19 Harding Street, Coburg

When to get tested

Everyone’s first option should be to use a rapid antigen test.

They are quick and highly accurate, particularly if you have symptoms or if you have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19.

  • If you have symptoms or you are a contact, and you can't access a rapid antigen test, you should get a PCR test.
  • If you can't access either test at the moment, isolate at home until you can.

If you test positive on a rapid antigen test, you are a case and you must follow your checklist and report your result


Support and test isolation payments available

If you have had to isolate because of COVID-19, there are a variety of financial support packages available to you including financial, job and business support.

One of the financial support available is a$450 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Isolation Payment for Victorian workers. This is designed to provide financial support to Victorian workers while they self-isolate to wait for the results of a COVID-19 test result.

More information about the financial supports available for people affected by COVID-19 are on the Victorian Governmnet's Coronavirus website. 

There are also a list of the mental health resources available to you on the Victorian Government's Coronavirus website.