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Join an Advisory Committee or Reference Group

We’re currently seeking community members to join Moreland City Council’s Advisory Committees and Reference Groups.

Please note: applications close on 23 December 2021.

We encourage you to read through the information on this page about the committees and groups, and their roles before starting an application.

You can find out the roles of these groups and how to apply under the Apply to join an Advisory Committee or Reference Group section.

What are Advisory Committees and Reference Groups?

Moreland City Council's Advisory Committees and Reference Groups provide advice to our Council on their specific area of expertise and experiences, playing an important role in the Council’s decision-making.

These groups are guided by the community’s aspirations which are captured in Moreland’s Community Vision for 2021 to 2031 (PDF). They provide relevant input to support Council in delivering its 4-year Council Plan. You can find out about our 4-year Council plan on our Conversations Moreland website.

Advisory Committee and Reference Group meetings

Meetings for these groups will be held on a quarterly basis for Advisory Committees, and on an as-needed basis for Reference Groups. These meetings will run for about 2 hours. The meetings will be held at Coburg Civic Centre or other venues in Moreland for each group. Meetings may also be online.

Members are expected to attend 75% of their committee or group's meetings. There will also be some time spent on reading and considering documentation between meetings. Members may also be invited to contribute to other relevant project activities.

Each member of the committees or groups will be provided with information to read or prepare for the meeting at least 1 week before the meeting date. It is expected that members will have read and considered this information prior to the meeting.

Support will be provided to ensure all members can fully participate. For example, this can cover interpretation services if needed.

For more information, you can read our Draft Terms of Reference for Advisory Committees and Reference Groups (DOC).

Roles of the different committees and groups

Both Advisory Committees and Reference Groups provide valuable advice and feedback on key Council services, strategies, and projects. The key differences between Advisory Committees and Reference Groups are that:

  • Advisory Committees meet on a regular/quarterly basis to provide advice on specific strategic issues, the committees are chaired by a Councillor, and the minutes of meetings are reported to Council.
  • Reference Groups meet as required, provide advice on issues from the perspective of priority groups, and do not require formal Councillor representation or reporting.

Committees and groups open for applications

On 11 August 2021 Council endorsed to establish the following Advisory Committees which we are recruiting for:

  • Human Rights and Inclusion Advisory Committee
  • Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee
  • Moreland Arts Advisory Committee
  • Sustainable Transport Advisory Committee

Reference Groups ensure specific groups in the community are actively engaged based on key priority areas of policy. The groups we are currently recruiting for, and others, operate as subsections of the Human Rights and Inclusion Advisory Committee. They are:

  • Gender Equality Reference Group
  • LGBTIQA+ Reference Group
  • Disability Reference Group
  • Age-Friendly (Older People) Reference Group
  • Affordable Housing Reference Group

The specific role of each Advisory Committee and the Reference Groups are summarised below.

  • The role of the Human Rights and Inclusion Advisory Committee is to provide input and advice to Council to guide the implementation and monitoring of the Moreland Human Rights Policy (DOC), specifically towards achieving 3 main goals:

    1. to be an inclusive organisation
    2. to deliver inclusive and accessible services
    3. to promote inclusion and social cohesion in the community

    The Human Rights and Inclusion Advisory Committee also:

    • provides independent advice to Council about strategies, programs, and initiatives which increase access, inclusion, and participation of people from priority groups in the community
    • reviews strategies and projects, highlights issues, and provides specific recommendations where appropriate
    • considers and endorses recommendations from relevant reference groups to put forward for Council endorsement
    • provides a structure through which the views and interests of the Moreland community can be articulated for the attention of Council and its staff on human rights and inclusion matters
    • draws on and shares the expertise of specialists, as appropriate
  • The role of the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee is to share information and collaborate to enhance the collective impact of Council and community-led actions for a just transition to a zero-carbon, zero-waste, and climate-resilient municipality.

    The Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee also:

    • provides a forum for information sharing, networking, and collaboration between Council and community groups engaged in fostering local responses to the climate and ecological crisis
    • assists Council, community groups, and individuals to successfully engage and empower the local community, organisations, and businesses
    • assists in collecting information to measure (and share) collective impact
    • supports continuous learning and improvement
    • brings up issues of community concern that Council should know about or take a role in addressing
  • The role of the Moreland Arts Advisory Committee is as the principal consultative body advising and assisting Council to make Moreland a creative and cultural destination within Melbourne, significantly contributing to local vibrancy, cohesion, and inclusion.

    The Moreland Arts Advisory Committee also:

    • develops and advises Council on annual priorities relating to the arts and creative industries
    • encourages community involvement through networks and promotes participation in the arts across Moreland
    • makes recommendations to Council regarding acquisitions for the Moreland Art Collection
    • provides a structure through which the views and interests of the Moreland community can be articulated for the attention of Council and its staff
    • contributes to the development and future review of Council's Arts and Culture Strategy and subsequent policies and plans
    • acts as a representative of the Moreland Arts Advisory Committee on grant assessment and programming panels
  • The role of the Sustainable Transport Advisory Committee is to develop, promote, and assist Council to develop and achieve a new Transport Strategy.

    The Sustainable Transport Advisory Committee also:

    • advises Council on priorities, processes, and programs
    • facilitates partnerships and develop opportunities among Council, the community and transport agencies, providers, and operators
    • identifies key strategic transport and land use opportunities
    • provides a consultative forum and link to a wider network of community transport organisations
    • promotes community support for the implementation of projects and programs
    • generates discussion on and evaluates transport policies and initiatives as they impact upon the Transport Strategy and its implementation
  • We are recruiting for the following reference groups:

    • Gender Equality
    • LGBTIQA+
    • Disability
    • Age-Friendly (Older People)
    • Affordable Housing

    The role of these Reference Groups is to provide advice and feedback from the perspectives of priority groups in the community, in support of the Human Rights and Inclusion Advisory Committee:

    • contributing to the research, development, and implementation of relevant Council policies, strategies, and plans. For example, the Moreland Gender Equality Commitment and Action Plan, Disability Action and Inclusion Plan, Living and Ageing Well Framework, Affordable Housing Action Plan, etc.
    • ensuring diverse community perspectives and lived experience informs Council’s services, programs, and initiatives
    • assisting in identifying opportunities for local advocacy, projects, participation, and partnerships
    • contributing to the collaboration of diverse people in the community towards respect and inclusion
    • participating in event planning, consultation processes, and other forms of engagement relating to relevant issues

Required skills and experience

To be part of our Advisory Committees or Reference Groups, you must:

  • live, work, volunteer, or study within the City of Moreland
  • have personal lived experience of and/or professional expertise in the area of focus for the committee/group you are applying for
  • hold strong community connections to draw on to inform input to meetings
  • demonstrate a willingness to work in a constructive manner with a diverse group
  • have an appreciation of the Moreland community and the range of issues that impact the community

In order to accurately represent the Moreland Community, we encourage people of all ages, abilities, genders, cultural backgrounds, and geographic locations to apply.

We also strongly encourage people who identify, work, or volunteer with one or more of the following priority groups to apply:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • migrant and refugee communities
  • people with disability
  • women
  • lesbian, gay, bi+, trans, gender diverse, nonbinary, intersex, queer, asexual/aromantic people

Apply to join an Advisory Committee or Reference Group

If you want to be part of an Advisory Committee or Reference Group, you can:

  1. (Preferred option) complete and submit the online form below
  2. email or mail your completed Advisory Committee member application form (DOC) to or Locked Bag 10, Moreland VIC 3058
  3. email or mail a video responding to the questions in the form below to or Locked Bag 10, Moreland VIC 3058

Please note: applications close on 23 December 2021.

Applicants will be shortlisted for Council endorsement at the February Council meeting. All applicants will be notified of the outcome following this meeting. If you are chosen to be on a committee or group, you will be a part of this committee or group for the rest of the Council term, until 30 June 2025 (i.e. 3 years and 6 months).

You can only sit on one Advisory Committee or Reference Group. If you apply for more than one Advisory Committee or Reference Group, you will only be able to be selected to sit in one. The only exception to this is the Human Rights and Inclusion Advisory Committee, which once convened, will nominate a representative to each Reference Group. However, the groups may be brought together when appropriate, to share ideas, experiences and collaborate.

Privacy Statement: The information requested on this form is being collected by Council to consider applications to a Council Advisory Committee or Reference Group. This information will be used solely by Council for that primary or directly related purpose and applicants can apply to Council for access and/or amendment of the information.

  • Your input will help us better understand and support the needs of people like you in the community.

    For example, a Council officer may present a project at a meeting and ask for your perspective. Your feedback will be considered along with others when making final decisions.

  • If you need assistance with your application, please call either Nalika or Emma below:

    All the information you provide in your application is confidential. We are asking the questions in the application to help us bring together diverse and qualified groups.

Application form for Advisory Committees and Reference Groups

Do you live, work, volunteer, or study in the City of Moreland? *


Cultural background

Do you identify, work or volunteer with one or more of the following priority groups?*

Which Advisory Committee or Reference Group are you most interested in joining?*

What other Advisory Committees or Reference Groups would you be open to joining?