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Council budget

Moreland 4-Year Budget 2021-2025

The 4-Budget 2021-2025 was adopted by Council on Thursday 24 June 2021. The budget has been influenced by community feedback and ideas from our community engagement earlier in 2021.

This year's total budget is $198.49 million and includes the delivery of important services such as support for the elderly, immunisation, early years learning, and libraries and leisure centres.

Budget highlights

In 2021-22 we continue a focus on core services and infrastructure, while improving services and making innovations where possible. Some highlights include:

  • $61.7 million for capital works;

  • $11.0 million to complete the Glenroy Community Hub project (total cost $30.1 million);

  • $6.5 million to start the Fleming Park redevelopment (total cost $11.3 million);

  • $3.6 million for new parks in Coburg, Glenroy and Brunswick;

  • $3.0 million for new shared paths along the Craigieburn rail corridor;

  • $7.1 million for new footpaths and bicycle paths; and

  • $7.1 million to improve parks, open space and streetscapes

Budget documents

Hardcopies of the budget will also be available for viewing at a Customer Service Centre from the 5th of July 2021.