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Council budget

Draft Budget 2022-26 - now open for community feedback

Our Draft Budget 2022-26 is an important document that sets out how and what Council can fund essential services and projects in coming years.

Have your say – open until Monday 22 May

We really value our community’s input and are now looking for your feedback on our draft budget.

Download a copy of the Draft Budget 2022-26.

You can have your say by making a submission via our short online survey – until Monday 22 May.

Submissions will be considered at a Special Council Meeting to adopt the budget.

About our draft budget

Our budget continues to focus on core services and infrastructure, while improving services and making innovations. The budget also focuses on our new priorities of the 2021-25 Council Plan which are:

  1. An environmentally proactive Moreland
  2. Moving and living safely in Moreland
  3. A healthy and caring Moreland
  4. Vibrant spaces and places in Moreland
  5. An empowered and collaborative Moreland.

Featuring community ideas

The draft budget has been influenced by community ideas from our community engagement earlier this year. In the first stage of engagement we called for community ideas and received 32 projects or initiatives that met the criteria.

In the second stage we ran a community voting program, where over 1400 people voted on their top 3 projects. We have funded the top 2 projects supported by the community and we have also selected a further 4 projects for further funding.

Projects voted by the community:

  • Hadfield sporting club scoreboard $85,000
  • Merri Creek Trail – Seating Installation Blitz (25 seats) $87,500

Additional funding:

  • Harold Stevens Athletics Track – fences need attention $150,000
  • Community access to a commercial kitchen $70,000
  • Extending the Youth Holistic Outreach Program (YHOP)$60,000
  • Northside Renters Rights Info Nights $10,000

Other budget highlights

  • $27.8 million Fawkner Leisure Centre
  • $22.3 million Saxon Street Community Hub
  • A capital works program 2022/23 of $56.8 million to improve community infrastructure and stimulate jobs.
  • Completing $11.3 million Fleming Park redevelopment
  • Upgrading several kindergartens over the next 5 years totally $14.6 million – including Oak Park Kindergarten and Doris Blackburn in 2022/23.
  • $12.3 million for roads, carparks renewal and maintenance
  • $4.6 million for new footpaths and bicycle paths
  • $12.4 million for improvements to parks, open space and streetscapes
  • $3.5 million for various A Park Close to Home projects including Service Street, Coburg and Cardinal Road, Glenroy and Frith Street, Brunswick.

To have your say and keep up-to-date on the Draft Budget 2022-26 visit our Conversations Moreland website.

Moreland 4-Year Budget 2021-2025

The 4-Budget 2021-2025 was adopted by Council on Thursday 24 June 2021.

The budget has been influenced by community feedback and ideas from our community engagement earlier in 2021.

This year's total budget is $198.49 million and includes the delivery of important services such as support for the elderly, immunisation, early years learning, and libraries and leisure centres.

Budget highlights

In 2021-22 we continue a focus on core services and infrastructure, while improving services and making innovations where possible. Some highlights include:

  • $61.7 million for capital works;

  • $11.0 million to complete the Glenroy Community Hub project (total cost $30.1 million);

  • $6.5 million to start the Fleming Park redevelopment (total cost $11.3 million);

  • $3.6 million for new parks in Coburg, Glenroy and Brunswick;

  • $3.0 million for new shared paths along the Craigieburn rail corridor;

  • $7.1 million for new footpaths and bicycle paths; and

  • $7.1 million to improve parks, open space and streetscapes

Budget documents

Hardcopies of the budget will also be available for viewing at a Customer Service Centre from the 5th of July 2021.