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Late rates payments

COVID-19 pandemic financial hardship

We recognise that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused financial hardship for members of the community.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please submit a payment arrangement, deferral or extension request below. To discuss further please contact the Revenue Services Unit on 03 9240-1111

If you own your home and live on a low income, we are offering COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Grants so you can make energy saving upgrades to your home that will reduce your electricity bills. You can find out how we're supporting low-income earners to improve their homes and reduce their bills on our Zero Carbon Moreland website.

Rates arrears

Rates arrears are outstanding amounts from previous years. Arrears shown on your annual rates notice must be paid immediately, unless a payment arrangement has been approved.

Arrears may be subject to legal action without further notice.

Penalty interest on late payments

When you pay your rates and charges, it is essential that your payment is received by the due date. You can find out more about due dates on our Pay you rates page. Interest may be charged on the overdue amount if your instalment is not paid by the due date.

The interest rate for the 2021-22 rating period is 10% per annum. This interest rate is fixed under Section 2 of the 'Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983'.

Payment arrangements

Council will hold interest on all arrangements until 30 June 2022, however any amount owing on 30 June 2022 will be charged interest. Ideally, you want to enter into an agreement that will have your total rates balance paid in full by 25 June 2022 to allow for payments to be cleared and to avoid any interest being charged on 30 June 2022.

You need to submit the 'Late rates payments and COVID-19 payment arrangements form' on this page to enter into an agreement. Only confirmed arrangements will receive an interest hold.

All payment arrangements are managed by our collection agent, Recoveries and Reconstructions.

Instalment Extensions

Council offers instalment extensions of up to 1 month. You need to submit the 'Late rates payments and COVID-19 payment arrangements form' on this page. Then we will hold the interest on your account for 1 month past the due date of the instalment.


Council offers deferrals on current year rates up until 25 June 2022. This means that rate instalments are not required to be paid by their legislated due dates and will accrue during the 2021/22 financial year. However, the total yearly rates are required in full by 25 June 2022.

Although not expected, you are welcome to make payment contributions toward the rates during the year to reduce the lump sum due 25 June 2022.

Interest will be charged on any amount owing on 30 June 2022, hence why it is important to ensure your rates account is paid in full by 25 June 2022. You need to submit the 'Late rates payments and COVID-19 payment arrangements form' on this page if you feel this is the best arrangement for you during this time. Only confirmed deferrals will receive an interest hold.

Ratepayers on any of the above arrangements will continue to receive the automatic quarterly instalment notices. These provide a current balance of the account. Sending these notices is a requirement.

Rates support information in your language

If you need in-language information about rates support, look through the documents below:

Late rate payments

Payment, arrangement or extension *

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and comply with the privacy notice shown below and by submitting this agreement form I agree to the payment arrangement outlined above.