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Why did I get a parking fine?

If you park illegally in Moreland, you can be fined. It's important to be aware of the parking rules in Victoria so that you can make sure you are always parking legally. Illegal parking is referred to as an 'infringement' and it can include:

  • parking in a 'no parking' or 'loading zone' spot
  • parking in a 'no stopping' spot or a 'clearway'
  • overstaying the time on the parking signs
  • parking without a permit in a permit spot
  • parking without a ticket in a ticketed spot.

Your parking fine may be placed on the windscreen of your car, given to you as you return to your car or mailed to you.

View our Parking Management Policy.

View your fine and any related photos

Enter your details below:

Pay your fine

If you get a parking fine, you can pay online through Council eServices. You will need to register as a user or sign in. You can user VISA or MasterCard to pay your fine online. Make sure you have your parking fine notice ready.

Pay your parking fine online

    1. Pay your fine with a Visa or MasterCard over the phone 24 hours a day using Council's secure automated system.
    2. Phone 9240 1111 and press 1 to make a payment. Then press 1 to pay 'fines and infringements' and follow the voice prompts.
    3. You will need to provide the 'Infringement number' located on your notice and your Visa or MasterCard number details.
    1. Separate the payment slip at the bottom of the notice and mail it with your cheque or money order to: Moreland City Council, Locked Bag 10, Moreland 3058, before the due date.
    2. Make the cheque or money order payable to ‘Moreland City Council’ and cross it 'Not negotiable'. Do not include cash in the mail.

    We do not provide a receipt for payments received by mail. Keep the top section of the notice for your records.

    1. Bring your fine to a Customer Service Centre before the due date.
    2. You can pay by Visa or MasterCard, EFTPOS, cheque, money order and cash. The minimum payment for all card transactions is $10 and there is no cash out facility.

Pay by installments or request a payment plan

A payment plan is a plan we make with you that gives you more time to pay your parking fine. A payment plan can allow you to pay your fine in instalments.

A payment plan lasts for a maximum of 6 months, and if you miss a payment, your plan will be cancelled.

  • You can request to pay your fine through a payment plan if:

    • you have a Pensioner concession card, DVA Gold Card TPI (Total and Permanently Incapacitated), DVA Gold Card WW (War Widow), or Health Care Card, or
    • you have more than one fine.
  • A payment plan is a formal agreement with us and is available for a maximum of 6 months.

    Missing a payment or not making the initial payment will cause the payment plan to be cancelled. The fine will then proceed through the enforcement process and may incur additional costs.

  • You can set up a payment plan by calling us on 9240 1111.

    In some circumstances, you might need to complete a payment plan application form

    • Post to Moreland City Council, Locked Bag 10, Moreland Vic 3058
    • Fax to 9240 1212, or
    • Email us a scanned copy of the form.

    The application for a payment plan must be received by us before the due date.

    Please note, if you get a fine from us, you have 28 days to pay or arrange a payment plan. Alternatively, if you meet certain circumstances, you can appeal your fine. 

    1. Pay a fine payment plan online.
    2. Enter the notice number and the agreed payment plan amount will appear.

    Pay a fine payment plan 

Payment extension

An extension of time to pay may be granted at Council's discretion. You can apply for a payment extension by calling our Customer Service team on 9240 1111

Appeal a parking fine 

If you have received a parking fine, you are allowed to appeal your fine. In some circumstances your fine may be cancelled after a review.

If you are unsure if your circumstances warrant a parking fine below, click on the headings below to find out more.

  • We will not accept this as a reason to review your fine and you will need to pay it. You need to learn the parking rules in Victoria before you drive.

  • If you do not believe you parked illegally, we will review your fine and let you know if you did. If we find you did park illegally, you will need to pay your fine.

  • It is your responsibility to pay stay within the timed parking restrictions, or pay for enough parking. It is also your responsibility to make sure your vehicle has enough petrol. We will not accept either of these reasons for review and you will need to pay your fine.

  • We will review your fine if you

    • have a mental or intellectual disability, an illness or an addiction to drugs or alcohol
    • are experiencing homelessness
    • are experiencing family violence

    If you apply for a review because of any of the above reasons, you will need to provide letters from doctors or support services to support your special circumstances.

  • We will review your fine if there were circumstances outside of your control, such as a medical emergency or vehicle breakdown. If this happens you will need to provide documentation, such as a letter from the hospital/doctor or a letter from a mechanic.

  • You are responsible for making sure that you read and understanding parking signs and that you put the correct money in the ticket machine. We will not accept these reasons for review and you will need to pay your fine.

  • If you have a parking permit but it is for a street other than the one you got the fine on, you need to pay your fine.

  • If you changed your address with VicRoads when the the fine was sent and you didn't get it, you have 14 days to provide evidence that you didn't know you had a fine. You must let VicRoads know of your change of address within 14 days of moving house.

How to appeal a parking fine

If your reason for wanting to appeal your fine is listed above, then you must apply for the review within 28 days of receiving your fine.

When you request an appeal, you need to make sure you have a copy of your infringement, any photos related to it and any other supporting letters or documents you may need.

There are two ways you can request a review:

Appeal a parking fine online  

Or by filling in the Application for Internal Review form (DOC 71Kb) and either mailing it to Moreland City Council, Locked Bag 10, Moreland 3058 or deliver to one of our Customer Service Centres.

If you want to view your fine and any photos attached it, enter your details below:

Please do not contact the Mayor or Councillors regarding fine reviews, as Victorian state law prevents them from playing any role in this process.

  • Once we receive your review request, we will respond to you within 90 days. While we review your fine, it will be put on hold until a decision is made. We will let you know the outcome, and if we do not agree to cancel the fine, we will give you a new payment date.

    If your fine is not cancelled you may elect to have the matter dealt with in the Magistrates Court. You need to notify Council in writing Moreland City Council, Locked Bag 10 Moreland 3058. Please be aware that court costs are added if a fine is taken to court.

More information is available on the Victorian Government Fines Victoria website.

This parking fine was for someone else (nominate another driver)

If you believe the fine was meant for someone else, or that it wasn't your vehicle parked illegally, you can nominate a driver below. 

If someone else was driving your car, please fill in the Nomination Statement (PDF 541Kb) and either:

What happens if you don't pay a parking fine

If you do not pay a fine by its due date, extra costs will be added to your fine. We may also register your fine to Fines Victoria if you continue not to pay. In some instances we may also lodge your fine at the Magistrates Court.

Report a ticket machine issue

If you see a ticket machine that isn't working, you can report it though our website or contact us.

Report illegal parking

You can report illegal parking to us if you see a vehicle:

  • blocking the safe flow of traffic
  • blocking a driveway
  • on a clearway, no stopping or no parking zone
  • in a disabled parking zone without a valid permit
  • on a nature strip, footpath or median strip, or
  • impacting the safety or amenity of the community.

It is not necessary to report a vehicle that has over-stayed a time restriction as regular patrols will manage these situations.

You can report this online or you can contact us.

Abandoned vehicles

A vehicle may be considered abandoned if:

  • the registration is listed as expired or cancelled on the VicRoads website (you can check this on the VicRoads website)
  • the vehicle has no number plates
  • the vehicle is registered but has not moved for at least 2 months. You will get a pink sticker on your car. If you get a pink sticker, you need to move your car. 

Abandoned vehicles are unsightly and can be unsafe. You can report an abandoned vehicle online or you can contact us. If the abandoned vehicle you see is listed as stolen on VicRoads, call Victoria Police at Brunswick on 8378 6000 or Fawkner on 9355 6000.

What to do if you find a yellow sticker on your car

We will place a yellow sticker on your vehicle if we think it is abandoned. You then have 48 hours to register the vehicle or move it to private property.

You could also donate the vehicle to Kids Under Cover, which uses the sale of vehicles to build homes for homeless and at risk young people. If you do nothing, your vehicle may be impounded.

Contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options and to let us know what you will do.

If your vehicle has been impounded, contact us to arrange to retrieve the car or to discuss other options.

Parking rules in Victoria

Key road rules involving parking

The Victorian road rules are published in Road Safety Road Rules 2009. The key section of the road rules regarding parking is Part 12 – Restrictions on stopping and parking.

See VicRoads parking for a summary of the key road rules in Victoria about parking. Find information about the types of parking, parking lines and zones, and other stopping and parking rules.

Clearways and tow-away zones

  • A clearway is a section of road where parking and stopping is not allowed at the times shown on the clearway sign.

    Clearways are put on some main roads which have more traffic during peak hours. They allow cars, trams and buses to keep moving and avoid delays during peak times.

    If you park in a clearway zone during the restricted times, your vehicle can be towed away.

  • VicRoads enforces clearways.

  • If you have parked illegally in a clearway and your car is gone when you return, check the clearway signs. There is a sticker on each clearway sign which tells you the number you can call to enquire about your car. The phone number is 13 48 69.

    If your vehicle has been towed, it is taken to a secure impound storage yard.

    By calling the number you can arrange to collect your car. You must call the number before going to the impound yard to collect your vehicle.

  • A fee to release your vehicle from the storage yard applies.

    If you do not collect your vehicle within 5 days, a storage fee also applies for every day after that until you collect the vehicle.

    You may also receive a parking infringement notice from us or Victoria Police in addition to the release and storage fees.

    See VicRoads tow-away zones for VicRoads fee information and further details about the location of the storage yard and opening times.