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  • On Sunday 3 July 2022, Council resolved at a Special Council Meeting to request to the State Government to change Council’s name to Merri-bek. The new name is now pending Minister for Local Government endorsement. This means, that our name will remain Moreland City Council until endorsement by the Minister and the State Government. Learn more.

In Moreland, there are over 70 senior citizens groups. Our seniors groups are for older people from all different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The groups meet at different venues around Moreland and provide an opportunity for older people in the community to get together for activities and socialising.

You can contact us to find out more about joining a seniors group, or get in touch with the group directly. You do not need to have an assessment to join.

Below is a list of all active social groups in Moreland, listed based on cultural background.

  • Brunswick Old Pioneers Club
    Secretary: Mr Alan Wilson
    Contacct: 0439 413 355

    Fawkner Branch Combined Pensioners Association
    Secretary: Ms Wendy Horton
    Contact: 9306 5708

    Glenroy Senior Citizens Inc
    President: Mr Peter O'Brien President
    Contact: 0400 487 158

    Residents Committee Federation Village Glenroy
    Secretary: Mrs Helen Rainsbury
    Contact: 9359 2229

  • Australian Lebanese Christian Ladies Group
    President: Mrs Yolanda Bacash
    Contact: 0425 773 583

    Lebanese Elderly Group
    President: MrsSumaya El Masri
    Contact: 0408 033 567

    Moreland Arabic Speaking Womens Group
    President: Mrs Najat Yamak
    Contact: 0423 583 543

  • Alexandrians Friendship Social Club
    Secretary: Mrs Silvia Marsiglia
    Contact: 0425 762 268

    Melita Club
    President: Mr Edwin Bonello
    Contact: 9386 5685

  • Brunswick Filipono Elderly Group
    President: Mr Geoffrey Dongalen
    Contact: 9380 4812

    The Filipino Social Support Group Inc.
    President: Mr Socorro Halili
    Contact: 0401 852 655

  • Australian Greek Isolated Group
    President: Mr George Panagiotidis
    Contact: 0419 574 115

    Cretan Brotherhood of Melbourne & Vic
    President: Mr Emmanuil Lilimbakis
    Contact: 9478 9072

    Elderly Citizens Club of Pallaconian Brotherhood 'O Leonidas'
    President: Mr Kon Glekas

    Glenroy Greek Elderly Group
    President: Mrs Maroulla Cope
    Contact: 0420 521 478

    Greek Elderly and Pensioners Association of Brunswick
    President: Mrs Anna Giannacos
    Contact: 9387 3395

    Greek Elderly Citizens Club Of Moreland
    President: Mrs Louisa Kavakliotios
    Contact: 0426 971 237

    Greek Orthodox Parish of St Nektarios
    President: Mrs Dimitra Magri
    Contact: 9359 5020

    Moreland Nothern Greek Senior Citizens Group
    President: Mr Nick Tokatlidis
    Contact: 0414 402 733

    St. Eleftherios Greek Elderly Citizens Club
    Secretary: Mr Evagelos Koutouleas

    St. Eleftherios Greek Elderly & Invalid Pensioner Group Brunswick
    Secretary: Mr Jim Soffianos
    Contact: 9350 3597

    Victorian Greek/Australian Elderly Citizens Group Inc.
    President: Mrs Kaneela Vlahogeorgos
    Contact: 0419 582 520

  • Associazione Arma Aeronautica Melbourne
    President: Mr Giuseppe Anfuso
    Contact: 0401 587 920

    Associazione Donna Calabresenel Mondo
    Secretary: Mrs Josephine Cessario
    Contact: 0452 559 858

    Associazione Donna Siciliana Nel Mondo
    President: Mrs Pina Piedimonte
    Contact: 9383 4521

    Associazione Emilia Romagna Del Victoria Inc
    Secreatary: Mrs Ermina Di Felice
    Contact: 0419 931 736

    Associazione Laziali Victoria Australia
    Secretary: Mr Rocco Trani
    Contact: 0417 318 606

    Associazione Nationale Artiglieri D'Italia
    President: Mr Epifano Naselli
    Contact: 9460 7563

    Associazione Nazionale Marinai D'italia
    President: Mr Bartolo Fonti
    Contact: 9598 6329

    Australian Pensioner Voice Inc.
    Secretary: Mr Gino Iannazzo
    Contact: 0404 389 280

    Basilicata Bocce Club
    President: Mr John Di Vincenzo
    Contact: 0425 233 953

    Benvenute Donne Glenroy
    President: Ms Assunta Parisse
    Contact: 0413 599 190

    Circolo Pensionati Della Comunita Vizzinese
    Secretary: Mr Salvatore Scalora
    Contact: 0411 601 131

    Circolo Pensionati Di Merlynston
    President: Mrs Francesca Cahill
    Contact: 0423 510 243

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Allegra
    President: Mr Tino Modica
    Contact: 0402 057 250

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di St Fedelis
    Secretary: Mrs Marisa Campagna
    Contact: 0410 330 844

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di Casa Nostra
    President: Mrs Nella Bellofiore
    Contact: 0413 915 540

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di Coburg
    President: Mr Tony Presano
    Contact: 9350 4908

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di East Brunswick
    President: Mrs Rita Giovinazzo
    Contact: 0418 395 001

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani di Fawkner
    President: Mr Giuseppe Bellino

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani di Glenroy
    President: Mr Matteo Vincitorio
    Contact: 0418 384 322

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di Hadfield
    President: Mr Lucio Bufalino
    Contact: 0478 340 164

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di Pascoe Vale
    President: Mr Vincenzo Prililo
    Contact: Pasquale on 0402 057 250

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani Di West Brunswick
    President: Caterina Santomartino
    Coontact: 0451 513 193

    Circolo Pensionati Italiani E Famiglie
    President: Mrs Maria Nardella
    Contact: 0403 497 033

    Circolo Pensionati Pugliesi
    Secretary: Mrs Maria Di Mattia
    Contact: 0414 841 924

    Community Health Centre
    President: Mrs Rita Giovinazzo
    Contact: 0418 395 001

    Fawkner Italian Ladies Health Group
    President: Mrs Silvia Ferraro
    Contact: 0431 566 262

    Fawkner Senior Citizens Club Inc
    President: Mr Joe Rizzo
    Contact: 9359 0046

    Gruppo Culturale Pugliese D' Australia
    President: MR Giuseppe Marucci
    Contact: 0431 958 452

    IL Club Del Sorriso (IL Circolo Del Sorriso)
    President: Mrs Gilda Crimeni
    Contact: 9350 6219

    Marinai D' Italia Gruppo Stefano Pugliese Aust. Inc.
    President: Mr Nino Cuni
    Contact: 0415 327 320

    Moreland Italian Women's Group
    President: Mrs Sofia Blancato
    Contact: 9378 8038

    Risorgimento Club di St. Margaret Mary's Brunswick
    President: Mrs Giulia Nicolin
    Contact: 9386 6554

    St. Oliver's Italian Senior Citizens
    President: Mrs Maria Moretta
    Contact: 9354 4252

    Unione Nazionale Sottufficiali Italiani In Congedo
    President: Mr Giuseppe Morizzi
    Contact: 9741 8339

    Unione Pensionati italiani Circoli Indipendenti Inc.
    President: Mrs Maria Piccardini
    Contact: 0438 943 065

  • Coburg Maltese Senior Citizens Group
    Secretary: Ms Elizabeth Phillips
    Contact: 0407 863 605

    Golden Years Social Club
    Secretary: Ms Mary Agius
    Contact: 9306 3034

    Maltese Association Northern Suburbs Inc.
    Secretary: Mrs Rita Pullicino
    Contact: 0404 630 351

  • Moreland Chinese Elderly Senior Citizens Group
    President: Mr Qiyuan Chen
    Contact: 0434 147 607

  • Nepalese Seniors Group
    Coordinator: Mrs Rita Panta
    Contact: 0402372782

  • Glenroy Polish Elderly Club Inc
    President: Mr Stan Kot
    Contact: 9350 6691

  • Coburg Turkish Elderly and Pensioners Group
    President: MS Saliha Cosgon
    Contact: 0434 286 266

For more information, please contact Carmel Misuraca on 9240 2302 or