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Library staff member with her favourite book.Add your review

Like to share your thoughts about a book, CD or DVD you've borrowed from the library?

You can now add your review of any item in the collection to the library catalogue.

  1. Search the catalogue for the item's title.
  2. Click on the item's title to bring up the full record.
  3. Click on 'Add your review' under the 'Average Rating' heading.
  4. Enter your Borrower ID (last seven digits on the barcode of your library card)
  5. Enter your library PIN .
  6. Select a rating out of 10 from the drop-down menu.
  7. Enter comments about the title in the Comments section.
  8. Click 'Add Comment'.
  9. The comment will be sent to a moderator (staff member) to check for inappropriate material. This may take at least a few days.
  10. To see your review, search the catalogue for the item's title. Click on the book's title. Click on 'Ratings and Comments' link next to the 'Average Rating ' heading. 

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