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  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and mandated State Government restrictions, Council cannot process applications for events or festivals on Council land while Victoria is subject to COVID-19 restrictions. All current and new applications received will be placed on hold until restrictions ease to allow the event to proceed.

    If you wish to organise an event or festival on Council land once restrictions allow, please note we require an average of 6 weeks to process an event application.

Planning an event

Events in Moreland

Outdoor festivals and events make a positive contribution to the municipality, adding vibrancy and celebrating the cultural and artistic diversity that exists within the community.

Moreland City Council defines an event as anything that happens or is regarded as happening; that includes those criteria set out in the event permit requirements and that is outside the normal use of a public park, especially one of some importance.

Permit Types

Event permits are categorised by risk rating (Low, Medium, High) or event type (Inflatable, Wedding) and each permit type has its own application requirements. 

The main characteristics of each permit are outlined here (but not limited to): 







No. of Days 

Single Day 

1 – 5 days 

> 1 days 

Single Day 

4 hours 

Est. Attendance 

101 – 500 

501 – 2500 


No limits 

< 200 

Marquees (total area)

< 45m2 Marquees 

< 90m2 Marquees 

> 90m2 Marquees 



Vehicles on site




1 vehicle permitted



No staging

Small temporary stage

Multiple stages

No staging

No staging

Application Timeframe 

3 weeks 

10-12 weeks 

20-26 weeks 

3 weeks 

4 weeks 


Will my event need a permit?

An Event Permit is required if your event meets any of the following criteria:

  • Over 100 people are expected to attend the event.
  • Use of inflatable structures or carnival rides.
  • A wedding ceremony is being performed.
  • A road closure is required.
  • Vehicles will be driving on site.
  • Use of power is required (on-site power or generators).
  • Access to water is required.
  • Infrastructure is being brought onto Council land for the event (e.g. staging, sound equipment, toilets etc)

If you are unsure if you require an Event Permit, please contact the Festivals Officer at or 9240 1111.

Events not required to apply for a permit

In some cases, events may not need a permit. These could include:

  • Sporting events which are presented as part of a regular fixture and run by clubs within existing lease agreements.
  • Group fitness activities – please see here for bookings and more information.
  • Events being held indoors, including Council buildings, halls and community centres.
  • BBQs, birthday parties and Christmas functions that do not involve things like temporary infrastructure, amplification, jumping castles and amusements unless over 100 people.

If you are unsure if your event needs approval, please get in touch with Council’s Festivals Officer who can offer advice.


Event Fees
Fees are charged according to the size and complexity of the event.

Bond Fees
It is a requirement of Council that all event organisers pay a bond prior to being granted an Event Permit. Bond levels are tied to the category of Event Permit and are paid into a holding bank account at Council via invoice.

The bond is fully refundable, subject to satisfactory compliance with all conditions listed in the Event Permit and satisfactory post-event inspection of the site being carried out by Council Officers within 48 hours of the event.

Event Fees and Bond Fee incl. GST
(per event day, bump in/out days charged at 25% of event day fee)


Low Risk Event  

Medium Risk Event 

High Risk Event  



Event Permit  












Ticketed events
1.5% of gross box office (ex GST) is payable to Council in addition to the Event Permit Fee.

Additional fees
Additional fees may apply if you hire Council bins, or apply for supplementary permits such as a TRO (Temporary Road Occupancy permit) or PoPE (Places of Public Entertainment permit).

How to apply for an event permit

The following information outlines the Events Application Process and provides guidelines that must be considered when organising events on Moreland Council land.

  • Timeframe: At least 2 months before the event

    The Event Application Form is an online form that provides Council with an overview of your event, so we can assess whether an event permit may be required. It is recommended that as much information is supplied as possible.

    Please note, the submission of the Event Application Form does not imply the event is approved – it is an application only.

    Apply for an Event Permit

  • After submitting your Event Application Form, the Festivals Officer will confirm if your proposed event location is available and suitable for your event activity.

    The Festivals Officer will use the information provided in your application form to determine if your event requires a permit.  If a permit is required, your event will be categorised as low, medium or high risk.

    The Festivals Officer will be your main contact throughout the application process.

    Within 7 days of submitting your application, the Festivals Officer will be in touch to let you know whether your event can move forward to the planning stage, and what permissions and approvals may be required to deliver your event.

  • If your event is categorised as Low, Medium or High Risk, you will be required to submit:

    • Risk Assessment
    • Site Map
    • Public Liability Insurance (minimum $20 million)
    • Evidence of notification to surrounding businesses/residents (if applicable)
    • Registration of your event with DJPR – Public Events Framework
    • Any other licences/permits/documentation as required such as an event plan, liquor licence, temporary road occupancy permit or Places of Public Entertainment Permit.

    If you are applying for a Wedding Permit, you will be required to submit:

    • Site map outlining where the wedding will be taking place on Council land
    • Registration of your event with DJPR – Public Events Framework

    If your event requires an Inflatable Permit, you will be required to submit:

    • Public Liability Insurance certificate from inflatable provider
    • Risk Management plan from inflatable provider 
    • JSA (Job Safety Analysis) from inflatable provider 
  • When your supporting documentation is approved, a permit will be issued to the Event Organiser/Organisation. The permit may include a list of conditions the event organiser must comply with in order to safely deliver the event.

    COVIDSafe Plan or Checklist will need to be submitted to DJPR according to the COVID-19 Public Events Framework tier categories.

    In some circumstances, you may be required to attend a site induction at the event location prior to the event.

  • Your event is delivered safely in accordance with the issued permit conditions and your event plan, site map and risk assessment.

Additional forms and resources

An Event Guide and a range of templates and examples have been developed to help you plan your event

Contact us:

For any questions about the Event Application Process, please contact the Festivals Officer on or 9240 1111

Where can I hold my event?

Parks and outdoor areas in Moreland which can be used for festivals and large gatherings. Moreland has a range of outdoor spaces suitable for picnics, barbecues, festivals and events.

Visit Outdoor Event Spaces to view available open spaces to hire for your next event.