Off-leash parks for dog walking

Requirements when walking your dog

Dogs in a public place

Dog owners must keep their dog in effective control with a chain, cord or leash held by the owner and attached to the dog while the dog is in any public place, other than in a designated off-leash area or park.

Dogs in a designated off-leash area or park

In a designated off-leash area, dogs may be exercised off a chain, cord or leash if the following conditions are met:

  • the owner must carry a chain, cord or leash which can bring the dog under effective control if the dog behaves in a way which threatens any person or animal
  • the owner must remain in voice- or hand-control of the dog, to be able to promptly bring the dog under effective control by placing the dog on a chain, cord or leash if that becomes necessary, and
  • the owner must not allow the dog to attack, rush at or threaten any person or animal.

At all times, owners must bring their dog under effective control by using a chain, cord or leash when the dog is within:

1 metre of a shared pathway (and at all times while on the shared pathway), or

15 metres of:

  • any playground or children’s play equipment
  • the principal location of an organised sporting or community event or festival
  • the principal location of an organised public meeting, or
  • a permanent barbecue or picnic area when in use.

For more information about obedience classes for dogs, see dog obedience clubs in the Moreland Community Directory.

Prohibited areas

At all times, dogs are prohibited within the immediate perimeter of any playground or within any creek or waterway.

Owning a greyhound

From 1 January 2019, pet greyhounds are no longer required to wear a muzzle in public. This includes retired racing greyhounds who have not undergone and passed a behavioural assessment as part of GRV's GAP.

For futher information visit the Agriculture Victoria website.

Removal of dog waste

Council does not supply plastic bags for the removal of dog waste in Moreland off-lead parks. Dog owners must carry on them means of disposing of dog faeces, as outlined in the Moreland General Local Law and Domestic Animal Management Plan.


Designated off-leash parks in Moreland

Moreland City Council has the following designated off-leash parks.


Brunswick East

  • Abrahams Reserve, 50-72 Harrison Street, Brunswick East
  • Balfe Park, 54-64 John Street, Brunswick East
  • Fleming Park, 47-51 Albert Street, Brunswick East
  • Jones Park, 9-23 Albion Street, Brunswick East
  • Kirkdale Park, 31 Kirkdale Street, Brunswick East
  • Methven Park, 7 Methven Street, Brunswick East
  • Phillips Reserve, 2-10 Weigall Street, Brunswick East
  • Roberts Reserve, 50-72 Harrison Street, Brunswick East
  • Sumner Park, 3 Alister Street, Brunswick East

Brunswick West

  • Braddy Reserve, 229 Hope Street, Brunswick West
  • Dunstan Reserve, 24 Peacock Street, Brunswick West
  • Fraser Reserve, 16-24 Hopetoun Avenue, Brunswick West
  • Holbrook Reserve, 8 Jewell Crescent, Brunswick West
  • Sheils Reserve, 306 Hope Street, Brunswick West
  • Wylie Reserve, 256-264 Union Street, Brunswick West


  • Anderson Reserve, 44-46 Linda Street, Coburg
  • Bowden Reserve, 182A Nicholson Street, Coburg
  • Bridges Reserve (excluding City Oval), Bell Street, Coburg
  • Campbell Reserve, 11-49 Moreland Road, Coburg
  • DeChene Reserve, 193 Urquhart Street, Coburg
  • Egan Reserve, 145 Rennie Street, Coburg
  • McDonald Reserve, 66 Bell Street, Coburg

Coburg North

  • Cash Reserve, Livingstone Street, Coburg North
  • Hosken Reserve, 39A Shorts Road, Coburg North
  • Jackson Reserve, 1 Outlook Road (near Edgars Creek), Coburg North
  • Parker Reserve, Mathieson Street, Coburg North
  • Richards Reserve, 30-34 Charles Street, Coburg North




Oak Park

  • John Pascoe Fawkner Park, 1A Francis Street, Oak Park
  • Rayner Reserve, 46A Devon Road, Oak Park

Pascoe Vale

  • Austin Crescent Reserve, 22 Austin Crescent, Pascoe Vale
  • Cole Reserve, 177B Cumberland Road, Pascoe Vale
  • Esslemont Reserve, 1 Somerset Street, Pascoe Vale
  • Hallam Reserve, 144 Landells Road, Pascoe Vale
  • K W Joyce Reserve, 31-37 Cornwall Road, Pascoe Vale
  • Raeburn Reserve, 8-42 Landells Road, Pascoe Vale

Pascoe Vale South

Council may, by order of resolution, remove a reserve or part of a reserve, or add a reserve or part of a reserve, to the list of designated off-leash areas.

Changing the status of a park

Council will consider changing the on or off-leash status of a park if it receives a petition containing at least 5 signatures.

The Domestic Animals Act 1994 outlines the process which must be followed to change the designation of a park. Upon receiving a petition from residents, Council will adopt a resolution to enter into a consultation process under Section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989.

This consultation process includes a review of the proposal by Council officers, a letter and survey seeking feedback from residents living near the park, and information on the Council website.


Chain, cord or leash means a chain, cord or leash which effectively restrains the dog.

Designated off-leash area means a park or reserve or other place which has been designated by an order of Council under Section 26 of the Domestic Animals Act 1994, as contained in the list above,

Owner has the same meaning as in the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Public place has the same meaning as in section 3 of the Summary Offences Act 1966.

Shared path has the same meaning as in Road Rule 242 of the Road Rules – Victoria.