Coburg Carnivale

Coburg Carnivale

Coburg Carnivale celebrates artists in the community through the creation of new works of live art.

For the past three years the (annual) Coburg Carnivale has been run alongside the Festivals Moreland Development program, supporting the creation of new participatory and live art projects that premiered in and around central Coburg as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Due to the current COVID-19 global pandemic and its impact on how, where and why people can gather in public, we have made some changes to this year’s program.

For further information and to apply please visit the 2020 Festivals Moreland Development Program page.

Coburg Carnivale 2019

The 2019 Coburg Carnivale program saw three new specially developed works presented at various locations in the Central Coburg precinct across two weeks as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival.

CAFE PLAY!man and woman wearing headphones sitting at outdoor cafe table

Created and performed by PEARCE HESSLING and CATHERINE HOLDER

A fun and interactive 30-minute theatre experience for an audience of one at a time, Café Play! took place in several bustling Coburg venues; and unbeknown to onlookers! In this secret show for one, the audience is key to how the story plays out. 

Image credit: Alan Erpi



Plastic tree in foreground of ghostly projections of peopleAn immersive installation presented at Coburg Library during special ‘After Dark’ sessions, Plastisphere combined music, film, dialogue and sculpture, inviting audiences to contemplate our ‘plastic’ future.  Featuring ghostly projections and musical accompaniment formed from the detritus of environment, it confronted visitors with a message from the future and a desolate nostalgia felt for a world promised. 

Image credit: Jacinta Keefe



An experimental ‘dance’ training program presented at Coburg Court House, JunkPractice was designed to activate participants’ body and mind through an unusual hybrid approach borrowing and re-purposing elements from yoga, contemporary dance, techno-parties and the $2 discount variety store! 

Image credit: Alan Erpi


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