Getting Ready for Kindergarten and School

Getting Ready for Kindergarten and School

This session will help parents to understand issues relating to their child's early years education.

This session will identify differences between preschool and school settings and discuss children’s personal characteristics, skills and attitudes that support them in these settings.

Strategies and experiences that help children transition into preschool and school will be discussed along with challenges children and parents might experience, and other issues.

Participants will understand:

• The difference between preschool and school;

• Personal characteristics and skills that support children as they move into preschool and school;

• Strategies and experiences that support children’s transition into preschool and school;

• Challenges and other issues associated with transition to preschool and to school.

About the presenter: Kay Margetts is an Associate Professor and Honorary Principal Fellow of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. She has undertaken significant research in the area of children’s transition and adjustment to school and regularly consults on early childhood development, learning and teaching both locally and internationally. She has published widely for the education profession.


Moreland City Council
Jeff Tyson, Early Years Coordinator
Phone: 9240 1256

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