Dance workshop

Dance workshop

Present Purpose Planning | Movement workshop with Deanne Butterworth

Present Purpose Planning

Saturday 5 August, 1 – 3 pm

The workshop is free but bookings are essential. Book online or call 9389 8622

This workshop is presented as part of the Counihan Gallery in Brunswick's The Winter Night Screen Project 2017: Choreographing Two-Dimensions

Exploring the space and architecture of the Town Hall, dancer and choreographer Deanne Butterworth will lead movement experiments which incorporate sound, reading, listening, watching, and imagining.

While predominantly using improvisation the group will warm up together, energetically responding to each other before undertaking a series of tasks which will lead to planning a group composition.

Deanne Butterworth is a Melbourne-based dancer and choreographer and a graduate of the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts.

Throughout 2017-19 she is a studio artist at Gertrude Contemporary. In a career spanning over twenty years, she has worked as a performer, choreographer and teacher in Australia and overseas.

Participants please wear clothing you can move easily and confidently in.  As this is an active workshop a moderate level of physical fitness is necessary. Please check with your doctor first if you have any health concerns that may impact your participation. 

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The Winter Night Screen Project is an annual screening event for the Counihan Gallery In Brunswick, showcasing visually dynamic video works onto the streets through the winter evenings.

Each year compelling video works are taken out of the gallery and are viewable to all passers-by on Sydney Road. 

The Winter Night Screen Project 2017: Choreographing Two-Dimensions is focussed on dance, movement and choreography within the realm of video art.

This years program features video works from dancers, choreographers and artists whose works are embedded somewhere between the languages of dance, visual art, performance, movement and choreography.

The relationship between dance and visual art continues to evolve and re-evolve in exciting and energetic ways.

The works presented as part of Choreographing Two-Dimensions capture something of this energy, along with the fluidity of the forms. Choreographing Two-Dimensions celebrates the idea of forming and reforming, of movement and expression that dissolves discipline boundaries in favour of explorations of the possibilities of communication, storytelling and experience.

Image: Deanne Butterworth


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