Waste reporting

Council collects garbage, recycling and green waste from residential and commercial properties across Moreland.

This information is provided to give residents a greater understanding of the amount of waste generated and collected by Council over a 12 month period.

Annual tonnages for 2016-17

Garbage: 32,995 tonnes

Recycling: 16,544 tonnes

Green waste: 10,010 tonnes

Contracts held by Council for waste collection and processing

Garbage, recycling and green waste collection service (South of Bell Street):

Garbage disposal:
Metro regional landfill at Ravenhall, managed by Cleanaway

Recycling receipt:
Materials Recovery Facility at Heidelberg, managed by Visy Recycling

Green waste processing:
In-Vessel Composting Facility at Bulla, managed by Veolia

The above facilities do not stock pile any of the materials received from Council.

Diversion of waste from landfill 

Through the collection and processing of recyclables and green waste, Council diverts 46.5% of all waste from landfill.