Garbage collection

Waste collection calendars (PDF 2Mb) for 2020 are now available.
If you would like a copy of the 2020 waste collection calendar please visit a Customer Service Centre, Council’s website to download a copy (PDF 2Mb) or call Council on 9240 1111 to request a copy.

Garbage collection

Council provides a weekly garbage collection service. Garbage bins are collected from all residential, non-residential and non-rateable properties.

An annual waste charge is included in your rates notice. This charge funds Council's kerbside garbage, recycling, food and garden organics and hard waste collection services.

Waste and Litter Strategy 2018 - 2022

The Moreland Waste and Litter Strategy 2018 - 2022 (DOC 1Mb) outlines Council's stategic direction in relation to waste, litter and resource recovery. The strategy includes a four year action plan outlining a range of innovative and ambitious initiatives to change the way waste is managed in Moreland and to help us meet our zero carbon 2040 targets including achieving zero waste to landfill by 2030.

When garbage bins are collected

Council collects your garbage bin each week on the same day as your recycling bin. The day of collection depends on where you live.

Please place your bin out by 5.30 am of collection day, preferably the night before. Garbage and recycling bins are usually collected in the morning.

Enter your address to see your garbage bin collection day and to view a bin collection calendar for your address.

Enter your address

You can also download a copy of the Waste Calendar 2020 (PDF 2Mb) (PDF 2Mb) or contact Council to request a printed version.

What you can put in your garbage bin

Council's garbage bin has a dark green or red lid.

Put all your household rubbish in your garbage bin except for:

Do not overfill your bin as this can create litter. The lid must be fully closed when placed out for collection.

Bins weighing more than 30 kilograms will not be collected.

What to do with items that cannot go in your garbage bin

Some items that cannot go in your garbage bin can be taken to a recycling centre or detox your home collection.

You can visit the online A-Z guide to waste and recycling for information on where to take a wide range of items for recycling or disposal.

Kerbside collection of food and garden organics

Council began collecting food scraps in the food and garden organics bin (formerly known as the Green Waste bin) in July 2019. Food and other organic waste makes up around 50% of the material in the average Moreland garbage bin.

You can reduce the amount of waste in your garbage bin by making use of the Food and garden organics service. Simply add your food scraps to your existing organics bin or, if you do not have an organics bin, contact Council to order one.

Where to place your bin

Put your garbage, recycling and green waste bins on the kerb on the edge of the street.

Face the bins to the street. Make sure there are no objects within 30 centimetres of the bin such as a car, tree or another bin.

If you live on a court or bowl, place your bins along the straight edge, not along the corner.


Round court

How to change the size of your garbage bin

Go to the changing the size of your bin page for information on how to request a change in your garbage bin size, including for large families or for medical reasons.

Damaged, lost or stolen bins

Go to the bin repairs and replacements page for information on how to have a lost or damaged bin repaired or replaced.

New bins for new properties

If you are a new resident at a new property that does not have a garbage and recycling bin, you can contact Council to a order new bins. 

New garbage bins have a red lid

If you receive Council's waste service for the first time or have your garbage bin replaced, you will receive a garbage bin with a red lid. Existing garbage bins in Moreland have a dark green lid.

This change is to ensure Council adheres to the Australian Standard. Over time, all garbage bins in Moreland will have a red lid.

Contact Council if you need further information.

The 80 litre garbage bin design has changed

80 litre garbage bin illustration

The old 80 litre garbage bin looks the same as a 120 litre bin but has a smaller capacity due to the raised floor inside. The new 80 litre garbage bin does not have the raised floor so the overall bin size is smaller but it holds the same volume of waste as the old style bin.

Where to find more information

The Residential Kerbside Waste Services booklet (PDF 1Mb) provides everything you need to know about your kerbside waste services as well as information on composting, bin placement, hard waste collection and your local transfer stations. You can download a copy or contact Council to request a printed version. 

The Waste Services in the City of Moreland brochure (PDF 2Mb) provides information on what to do with items that cannot be placed in your kerbside bins. You can download a copy or contact Council to request a printed version.