Waste collection calendars (PDF 2Mb) for 2020 are now available. If you would like a copy of the 2020 waste collection calendar please visit a Customer Service Centre, Council’s website to download a copy (PDF 2Mb) or call Council on 9240 1111 to request a copy.

Council collects recycling bins every week from residential properties in Moreland. Your recycling bin has a yellow lid.

Council’s kerbside recycling service collects items which are then sorted into the different types of material.

An annual waste charge is included in your rates notice. This charge helps fund the Council kerbside collection services. Council also collects recycling bins from non-residential rateable properties subject to payment of the waste charge.

When recycling bins are collected

Council collects your recycling bin each week on the same day as your garbage bin. The day of collection depends on where you live.

Please place your bin out by 5.30 am of collection day, preferably the night before. Garbage and recycling bins are usually collected in the morning.

Enter your address to see your recycling bin collection day and to view a bin collection calendar for your address.

Bin collection calendar search

You can also download a copy of the Waste Calendar 2020 (PDF 2Mb) or contact Council to request a printed version. 

What you can put in your recycling bin

Put these items in your recycling bin:

  • cardboard and office paper
  • newspapers and magazines
  • phone books
  • books (with covers removed)
  • pizza boxes (with no food waste)
  • single use / disposable paper dinnerware (plates and bowls, with no food waste)
  • milk and juice cartons (refrigerated only, not long-life cartons)
  • aluminium foil, trays and cans (remove any food, scrunch foil into a ball)
  • steel cans (empty)
  • aerosol cans (empty with plastic nozzle removed)
  • paint tins / cans (empty)
  • glass bottles and jars (clear, green and amber)
  • rigid plastic packaging including bottles and containers
  • small plastic plant pots

Do not put these items in your recycling bin:

  • batteries (take these to a battery recycling drop off point)
  • flexible soft plastics, e.g. plastic bags, bread or pasta bags, plastic wrap
  • any items in plastic bags
  • long life milk, soy milk, and juice cartons (foil lined cardboard packaging)
  • black plastic packaging (e.g. meat trays)
  • expanded polystyrene packaging (e.g. cups, plates and trays)
  • clothing, shoes or blankets
  • nappies
  • food waste or garden waste
  • toys
  • drinking glasses, ceramics or Pyrex
  • single use / disposable cups (includes plastic, paper and bio-cups)
  • single use / disposable plastic dinnerware (plates, bowls and cutlery)
  • garbage
  • napkins, tissues, paper towel or shredded paper (place these items in your home compost bin or worm farm)

Do not overfill your bin as this can create litter. The lid must be fully closed when placed out for collection.

Bins weighing more than 30 kilograms will not be collected.

Tips to recycling right

  • Do not put your recyclables in plastic bags, place them loosely in your bin
  • Keep lids and labels on bottles and jars
  • No need to clean jars, tins or containers, just empty any liquids or food scraps
  • Donate any unwanted good-condition clothing, shoes, linen or blankets to charity
  • Take your plastic bags and soft plastics to a Redcycle collection bin at your local Coles or Woolworths supermarket. A full list of the items accepted can be found on the Redcycle website.
  • Never put batteries in any of your kerbside bins, they can start fires. Take batteries to a drop off point for recycling.

Get to know your recycling

If the item you are looking for is not listed on this page, try searching on the Can I Recycle This tool on the Sustainability Victoria Know your Recycling page.

Council conducts random inspections of recycling bins to let residents know if they are putting the wrong items in their recycling bin. 

The items accepted for recycling have changed recently. If you have an old sticker on the underside of your recycling bin lid you can contact Council to request an updated Recycling Bin Lid Sticker (PDF 731Kb) and ensure you are putting the correct items in your bin.

Australasian Recycling Label

Look for the new Australasian Recycling Label on packaging for product specific advice on whether a packaging item can go in your kerbside recycling bin. The Planet Ark website also has suggested text for consumers wanting to contact brand owners if they are not already using the label on their products.

What happens to your recycling 

After your recycling is picked up at the kerb it is taken to Visy's Material Recovery Facility (MRF) for sorting into six material streams: paper, cardboard, plastic, steel, aluminium and glass.

These materials are then transported to different areas of the Visy business for recovery and/or remanufacture. The paper, cardboard, plastic, steel and aluminium from the Visy MRF are turned into new recycled packaging by Visy.

To learn more about the benefits of recycling visit the Visy website. Go to the Visy education page to watch an animated video about the recycling process.

Transparency measures - Plastic recycling in Moreland

In May 2019, as part of Notice of Motion 16/19 Council resolved to write to their recycling provider, Visy to a seek response to a number of queries, and to then make the response publicly available on Council’s website.

Council asked Visy to provide the following information:

  1. The percentage of plastic products collected that are recycled in house. 
  2. If Visy Recycling or any of their subsidiaries export plastics offshore. 
  3. If Visy Recycling support the creation of a robust domestic recycling industry and a container deposit scheme for Victoria. 
  4. The rationale for responses to the above queries. 

Below is the letter that was received by council in response to the above queries.

Recycling in Moreland - response from VISY (PDF 84Kb) (PDF 84Kb)

Where to place your bin

Put your garbage, recycling and green waste bins on the kerb on the edge of the street.

Face the bins to the street. Make sure there are no objects within 30 centimetres of the bin such as a car, tree or another bin.

If you live on a court or bowl place your bins along the straight edge, not on the corner.

Round court


How to change the size of your recycling bin

Changing the size of your bin has information on how to request a change in your recycling bin size.

Damaged, lost or stolen bins

New bins and bin replacements has information on how to have your recycling bin repaired or replaced.

New bins for new properties

If you are a new resident at a new property that does not have a garbage and recycling bin, you can contact Council to a order new bins.

Other places to recycle

Many materials that can't be recycled via your kerbside recycling bin can be recycled elsewhere. If the materials you are wanting to recycle aren't listed in these pages try Recycling Near You, an online guide to recycling. You can search either by product or by Council area.

Visit the Council A - Z guide to waste and recycling for information on how to recycle or dispose of items that cannot be placed in your recycling bin.

Some recycling centres and landfills will accept items to be recycled free of charge, however, charges will apply for some items.

Where to find more information

The Residential Kerbside Waste Services booklet (PDF 1Mb) (PDF 1Mb)provides everything you need to know about your kerbside waste services as well as information on composting, bin placement, hard waste collection and your local transfer stations. You can download a copy or contact Council to request a printed version.

The Waste Services in the City of Moreland brochure (PDF 2Mb) provides information on what to do with items that cannot be placed in your kerbside bins. You can download a copy or contact Council to request a printed version.