Garage Sale Trail

Garage Sale Trail is two big days of Garage Sales happening right across Australia.

Garage Sale Trail is two big days of Garage Sales happening right across Australia, on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October 2018.

Choose to reuse and join 400,000 Australians as part of the nation's biggest ever weekend of garage sales on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 October.  It's about sustainability, meeting the neighbours, having fun and making money while you’re at it!

Everyone can get involved, it’s free for sellers and shoppers. 

For sellers - you can hold a sale as a household, street, community group, school, charity or even as a local business. You can make money for yourself, or fundraise for a cause. Register your sale at the Garage Sale Trail website.

For shoppers - it’s truly the way to find the treasure in your neighbourhood. This year there will be over 2 million items up for sale. To make it easier to find the treasure in your neighbourhood, you can go to the Garage Sale Trail website and search by postcode, suburb, item or category when you register as a buyer. Get shopper alerts to show you the new sales that match what you’re looking for, and sit back and let the bargains come to you!

Closer to the day create your own treasure trail from the sales you like in your local area and let your smart phone guide you there. Or go old school and print out your Garage Sale personalised trail.

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