Living and Ageing Well in Moreland Framework

The Living and Ageing Well in Moreland Framework is aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of older people living in Moreland.

It brings together existing policies, strategies and external partnerships, introduces new initiatives, and outlines Council’s commitment to delivering timely and responsive support to Moreland’s older community members.

The framework was developed in consultation with community and with the support of an Older Persons’ Reference Group which was made up of members with diverse experience and backgrounds across the municipality.

Council endorsed the Framework at its 12 June 2019 Council meeting.

Some of the actions include:

  • Encouraging older residents to have a voice and take an active role in local decision-making via consultations and engagement opportunities
  • Providing a range of opportunities that are either low cost or no cost for older people to be physically active, including aqua programs, exercise equipment in local parks or walking groups.
  • Advocating to the State and Federal Government to ensure older adults have access to adequate range of health and other support services
  • Encouraging the design of housing to meet the needs of people with limited mobility and ensuring that the needs of older people are considered in Moreland’s housing initiatives
  • Establish an Age Friendly Advisory Group who will have a leadership role in advocating for the needs of their community and develop a range of broader opportunities for participation such as Age-Friendly Champions.


Older Persons' Reference Group

An Older Persons' Reference Group was established at the beginning of 2019 to oversee the development of the framework.

The Reference Group is made up of members with diverse experience and backgrounds across the municipality.

The group will provide feedback and advice to Council regarding initiatives from the framework, as well as support Council with consultation activities and communication strategies targeted at older people. 

Further information

Contact Council's Home Care Team.