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Moreland’s FReeZA Committee

Amped Up Productions - Moreland FReeZA Committee

The 2014 Amped Up Productions - Moreland FReeZA committee.

People at an Oxygen Freeza event

What is Freeza?

"Amped Up Productions" (Moreland's FReeZA Committee) is a group of local young people aged from 15 to 25 who plan and organise live music events for people in Moreland.

FReeZA is a State Government initiative that gives young people the opportunity to lead the planning and staging of live music and cultural events within their local communities.

As one of 80 state-wide providers, Moreland City Council's FReeZA program provides important performance opportunities for local musicians and emerging artists to showcase their talent through competitions such as Push Start Competition.

All FReeZA events are fully supervised, drug, alcohol and smoke free. 

Being on a FReeZA Committee is a great way for young people from the area to develop event management skills and connections with the music industry with support and guidance from the Oxygen - Moreland Youth Services team.

What does it all involve?

Being a participant of Moreland City Council's FReeZA program requires a significant level of commitment from all committee members. Throughout the 2018 program, the FReeZA committee will have weekly meetings on Wednesday nights between 5 pm - 6.30 pm at Oxygen Youth Space, 4-8 Gaffney Street, Coburg North. 

Throughout weekly meetings, FReeZA Committee members will develop skills in an extensive range of areas including:

  • choosing and contacting performers
  • designing promotional material, such as flyers and social media posts
  • sound and production 
  • photography and design
  • managing budgets
  • organising sound engineers and other suppliers
  • organising risk management procedures
  • stage management, and
  • running the front of house (such as selling tickets, handing out programs & recruiting for new members).

Committee members also run events on the day, including managing performers, suppliers and crew and solving any problems that arise.

In 2018, the FReeZA committee will be responsible for producing, promoting and evaluating five music/ cultural events within the Moreland municipality. 

Over the years the committee have produced the Oxygen Stage at Sydney Road Street Party, Move On Be Strong, Faraway stables, Oxygen Movie nights, Flicks and Kicks at Harmony Park, DJ events in schools, The Oxygen Christmas party, Amped Up goes Acoustic, Push Start Comp local and regional finals and assisted at Sunplugged festival Peppertree Place, Recognise Festival and Brunswick Better Block. 

You can find out about our upcoming gigs at the Amped Up Productions Facebook page and Instagram @ampedupfreeza.

Important dates:

  • Every Wednesday (excluding school holidays): FReeZA weekly meetings
  • TBC: Face the Music Conference
  • TBC: Ongoing FReeZA events 

What are the requirements?

  • Be aged between 15 - 25 years old 
  • Live, work or study in Moreland 
  • Be able to attend at least 80% of weekly meetings
  • Be able to attend all Freeza events and training opportunities.
  • Be involved as an active participant until March 2019.

How do you apply? 

If you're dedicated and enthusiastic then we want to hear from you. Email Steve Huf to find out how you can apply or call him on 9389 8634.

Performing at a Moreland FReeZA event 

We love supporting local, up and coming artists (soloists, electronic artists, hip-hoppers, rappers, djs's and bands alike)

Along with the annual Push Start Battle of the Bands, there are always opportunities for Moreland artists to perform at FReeZA events.  

Email Steve Huf or call 9389 8634 if you are interested in playing at a FReeZA event.

Band performing as part of oxygen recording project

Fleeting Treasure performing at Oxygen's Christmas party and first birthday celebration in December 2014.

Indigenous Hip Hop projects performing on the Oxygen Stage at the Sydney Road Street Party in March 2015

Musician on the Oxygen stage

The Black Harrys performing on the Oxygen stage at the Sydney Road Street Party in March 2015

Young girl playing guitar

The Open Mic event at Oxygen Youth Space in April 2015