About playgroups

Playgroups provide parents and caregivers with the opportunity to meet new people, gain support and exchange parenting ideas. They allow babies, toddlers and preschools to socialise as they play and learn together.

All playgroups are different but the emphasis is on fun and friendship.

Joining a playgroup

You can find a playgroup in Moreland on Playgroup Victoria website.

You can also contact your Maternal and Child Health Nurse for new parent groups or playgroups in your area.

Starting a playgroup

All you need is a couple of friends and a place to meet.

There are many local venues that may be suitable for a playgroup including schools, churches, neighbourhood houses, kindergartens, community centres and other local community groups may have suitable space for you to use. Multicultural resources are available.

For a small fee per family per year, membership to Playgroup Victoria entitles your playgroup to public and personal liability insurance and a range of other support services.

Find out more about how to start a playgroup on Playgroup Victoria website.

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