Register a new health-related business

All health-related businesses must register with Council under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.

Health-related businesses include:

  • Personal care and body art businesses that provide hairdressing, beauty treatment, skin penetration procedures and colonic irrigation
  • Prescribed accommodation including rooming and boarding houses and motels, hostels and caravan parks.

Current legislation does not require the registration of colonic irrigation or massage businesses.

For more information about the different types of health-related business, see What are health-related businesses?

Before starting a new health-related business

If you are thinking of starting a new health-related business, Council strongly recommends you first organise a free meeting with us at your new premises. This meeting allows you and Council to clarify any major concerns and help you understand and comply with relevant standards and codes.

After you have met with Council, we also recommend that you submit your plans and specifications to Council for assessment. This assessment helps us to understand your ideas and the scope of your business.

As part of this assessment service, Council checks that the fittings and layout of your business meet the required standards. You will also receive advice and assistance in setting up your new business.

It is your responsibility to apply for any necessary planning permits or building permits before you can commence works on your new business. For example, if you want to operate your health business from home you need to follow Council's guidelines for working from home (DOC 214Kb) and you may need permits if you intend to renovate or extend the building.

How to register a new health business

To register your health business:

Council assesses your application and lets you know if your registration has been granted, granted with conditions or refused.

If your application is approved, Council sends you an invoice. You can pay the registration fee online by Visa or MasterCard, by phone, mail or in person.

If you are buying an existing health-related business, see buying or transferring a health-related business.

Council has a fixed registration period that runs from 1 July to 30 June each year. The annual registration fee is set by Council. Council sends an annual renewal notice to all registered health-related businesses and you can pay the renewal fee online by Visa or MasterCard.