Second Council

The second local government of Moreland was elected in March 1999 for a 3-year term. Ten Councillors were elected to represent 10 wards in Moreland.

There were two by-elections during this Council: Lincoln Mills Ward in November 2000 and Hoffman Ward in October 2001.

Ken Blair
Box Forest Ward
Former Councillor Ken Blair
Robert Larocca
Glencairn Ward
Former Councillor Robert Larocca
Rosemary Kerr
Grandview Ward
Former Councillor Rosemary Kerr
Andy Ingham
Hoffman Ward
Served on Council to July 2001
Former Councillor Andy Ingham
Joe Caputo JP
Hoffman Ward
Elected to Council in a by-election October 2001
Former Councillor Joe Caputo 80x80
Rod Higgins
Lincoln Mills Ward
Served on Council to September 2000
Former Councillor Rod Higgins
Vicki Yianoulatos
Lincoln Mills Ward
Elected to Council in a by-election November 2000
Former Councillor Vicki Yianoulatos
Leigh Snelling
Lygon Ward
Former Councillor Leigh Snelling
Anthony Helou JP
Merri Ward
Councillor Anthony Helou 1999
Andrew Rowe
Moonah Ward
Former Councillor Andrew Rowe
Stella Kariofyllidis
Newlands Ward
Councillor Stella Kariofyllidis 2001
Melanie Raymond
Westbreen Ward
Former Councillor Melanie Raymond