Fifth Council

Eleven Councillors were elected to Moreland City Council in November 2008 for a four-year term.

The City of Moreland has three wards: North-East Ward (four Councillors), North-West Ward (four Councillors) and South Ward (three Councillors).

Michael Teti
North-East Ward
Councillor Michael Teti
Stella Kariofyllidia
North-East Ward
Councillor Stella Kariofyllidis 2009
Anthony Helou JP
North-East Ward
Former Councillor: Anthony Helou
Toby Archer
November 2008 - December 2011
North-East Ward
Former Councillor Toby Archer
Lenka Thompson
from January 2012
North-East Ward
Councillor: Lenka Thompson
Kathleen Matthews-Ward
North-West Ward
Former Councillor: Kathleen Matthews-Ward
John Kavanagh
North-West Ward
Councillor: John Kavanagh
Enver Erdogan
North-West Ward
Councillor Enver Erdogan 2009
Oscar Yildiz JP
North-West Ward
Councillor: Oscar Yildiz
Lambros Tapinos
South Ward
Former Mayor Lambros Tapinos 2008
Jo Connellan
South Ward
Former Councillor: Jo Connellan
Alice Pryor
South Ward
Former Councillor: Alice Pryor