CEO and executive team

Moreland City Council organisation is led by the Chief Executive Officer, who operates under the guidance of the elected Council.

Council delivers its services to the community through 6 Departments led by 5 Directors and an Executive Manager.

Moreland City Council Executive group

Nerina Di Lorenzo

Chief Executive Officer

Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer and forming the Moreland Executive Group are:

  • Director Business Transformation
  • Director City Infrastructure
  • Director City Futures
  • Director Community Development
  • Director Engagement and Partnerships
  • Executive Manager Finance

CEO Nerina Di Lorenzo

Sue Vujcevic

Director Business Transformation has responsibility for:

  • Human Resources
  • Organisation Performance
  • Information Technology
  • Corporate Governance
Sue Vujcevic

Grant Thorne

Director City Infrastructure has responsibility for:

  • Capital Works Delivery
  • Open Space and Street Cleansing
  • Roads, Waste and Fleet
  • Amenity and Compliance
  • Project Management Office
Grant Thorne

Phillip Priest

Acting Director City Futures has responsibility for:

  • City Development
  • City Change
  • City Strategy and Design
Phillip Priest

Arden Joseph

Director Community Development has responsibility for:

  • Aged and Community Support
  • Cultural Development
  • Early Years and Youth
  • Community Wellbeing

Arden Joseph

Joseph Tabacco

Director Engagement and Partnerships has responsibility for:

  • Places and Major Partnership Projects
  • Community Engagement
  • Economic Development
  • Advocacy and Partnerships

Director Partnerships and Engagement

Liz Rowland

Executive Manager Finance has responsibility for:

  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Rates Collection and Valuation
  • Property
  • Financial Strategy

Liz Rowland