Bonwick Street, Fawkner - Streetscape improvements

Project Update

Construction works are now completed in Bonwick Street! We thank you for your support throughout the project and for your patience during the construction works.

Some minor landscaping elements, including hand rails to each raingarden, will be installed in January 2020.

Please enjoy the new street furniture when you are meeting friends, enjoying a coffee or simply walking by.The new rain gardens installed as part of the upgrade, will clean the water they collect before it runs back into natural waterways. The new lighting to the new pedestrian crossing and laneways will highlight safe pedestrian routes when visitng the wonderful range of local shops and restaurants at night.

Bonwick Street Crossing

A fresh new mural created by local artist Hayden Dewar brings more art to the shopping strip. This mural is also part of the SmartARt Moreland project and comes to life with augmented reality by using the ‘Eyejack’ app on your smartphone. For more information on SmartARt Moreland and other murals locations, click here: #SmartARtMoreland 

Project Background

Moreland City Council – as part of its Shopping Strip Renewal Program – is making some streetscape improvements to the Bonwick Street Shopping Strip.

The aim is to revitalise the area and improve the pedestrian amenity, walkability and presentation of the shopping strip.

Proposed key improvements might include:

  • Footpath upgrade, including kerb and channels
  • Laneway upgrades on both sides of Bonwick Street
  • New pedestrian crossing
  • Landscaping, including street trees and rain gardens
  • Upgrade of street furniture as required.

The design phase was carried out in FY 2017-18 followed by construction in FY 2018-19 and FY 2019-20.

Consultation, including an online survey and consultation sessions in Bonwick Street Shopping Strip, took place in June and October 2018. Site analysis, including a survey of existing conditions, together with community feedback, informed the development of the concept plan.

Community engagement on the draft concept design for Bonwick Street Shopping Strip was undertaken for four weeks in October 2018. This engagement process collected a range of opinions, ideas, considerations and concerns from the community.

You can view the Bonwick Street Community Engagement Summary in:

Community engagement informed the Final Concept Design (shown below) and identified community interest in provision for parking and vehicle movement within Bonwick Street and the adjoining laneways. Design options based on the consultation were presented at the 12 December 2018 Council Meeting. 

Council endorsed the recommended option of expanding the project scope to include redesign of the eastern rear car park to increase its capacity,  with  minor adjustments to parking provisions in Bonwick Street.

Bonwick Street Shopping Strip Expanded Scope Endorsed December 2018 (PDF 436Kb)

 The public tender process for the Bonwick Street Streetscape Improvement project has now concluded and was reported  at the 8 May 2019 Council Meeting.

Final Concept Design

Bonwick Street Shopping Strip Final Concept Design January 2019 (PDF 3Mb)

 Final concept


Consultation 1 - June 2018 - 

The first phase of consultation was undertaken in June 2018 to seek community feedback on the streetscape improvement. Download the Report outlining initial community feedback (PDF 159Kb).

Consultation 2 - October 2018

The second phase of consultation was undertaken in October 2018 to seek community feedback on the concept design. Download the Bonwick Street Shopping Strip Community Engagement Summary (English) (PDF 852Kb)

Consultation  - Laneway Closure 

At the February 2019 Council meeting, Council resolved to commence the consultation process for the formal closure to vehicular traffic of the unnamed North East and North West laneways, comprised of 60 lineal meters of road, connecting Bonwick Street to the rear carparking. Advertisments were placed in both the Moreland and Northern Leader inviting submissions on the proposed closure. The Consultation period has now closed and will be reported at the 12 June 2019 Council meeting.



View an animation of the Bonwick Street proposed design.


More information

If you have any queries regarding the project, contact Naomi Clarke, Urban Designer, on 9240 2444 or email Council's Urban Designer.

There are documents on this page in PDF-only format. If you have trouble opening or viewing a PDF document, contact Council and we will arrange to provide the information in a format that suits your needs. See Council's accessibility page for further details.