Temporary Road Closure -Sumner Street and Peers Street, Brunswick

On 10 July 2019, Council considered a VicRoads report as well as written and verbal submissions from the public submitted under Section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989, and resolved to erect temporary barriers in Sumner Street and Peers Street, Brunswick East.

These barriers are to block vehicles other than bicycles as a genuine traffic diversion experiment under Section 207, Schedule 11, Clause 10(1)(c) of the Act. 

The sections of road to be closed for the trial are:

  • Sumner Street, Brunswick East, from Noel Street to a point 8 metres further west and,
  • Peers Street, Brunswick East from Nicholson Street to a point 11 metres further east.

Map of proposed road closure.

Why the trial closure?

The trial road closures are because of the construction of the East Brunswick Village, directly opposite Sumner Street and Peers Street.  It is considered likely that a significant portion of the 7,000 vehicle movements generated by the East Brunswick Village, will travel through these two streets. 

The purpose of the trial is to determine if this is an acceptable method of protecting these local streets from the traffic travelling to and from the East Brunswick Village.  The trial will allow the community to identify adverse impacts of this type of treatment.


The trial road closures will be implemented on 1 and 2 August 2019, weather permitting.

Next steps

Council will next consider a report on the impact of these two trial closures in October 2019.

For more information

Enquiries cna be made to Council’s Senior Development Advice Engineer on 9240 1111 or email Council City Change.