Michael Street and Saxon Street, Brunswick - Drainage Upgrade Works


Project Overview

In 2019/20 Council will be undertaking drainage upgrade works at Michael Street and Saxon Street, Brunswick.

The works are required to address flooding at the intersection of Michael Street and Saxon Street during high intensity storm events. The location was identified a flooding hotspot in the recently completed flood mapping project across the Municipality. The flood mapping project has identified and quantified risks which previously existed within the City of Moreland but where potentially unknown.

The project is in the construction phase and will be completed by June 2020.

The works comprise the construction of underground tanks under Michael Street from Sydney Road to the Upfield railway Line to capture and store 770 cubic metres of stormwater and slowly release it into the drainage system in Sydney Road once the storm event has subsided. Additional pits and underground pipes are to be constructed along Michael Street and Saxon Street to capture and direct stormwater into the underground storage tanks.

Budget and Timelines

  • Budget: $1,661,014.
  • Construction Start Date: November 2019
  • Construction End Date:  June 2020

 Michael St Saxon St    Michael-saxon street works

                  Michael & Saxon Streets during a high intensity storm event