Glenora Avenue, Coburg – Road Reconstruction Works

Project Overview

In 2019 – 20 Council will be reconstructing Glenora Avenue, Coburg between Rennie Street and Carlisle Street.

Consultation with the residents was undertaken in March 2019 and the design was completed in May 2019.

Construction works commenced in August 2019 and programmed for completion in January 2020.

The works comprise:

  • Construction of new underground drainage system and pits
  • Reconstructing the existing bluestone kerb and channel
  • Reconstructing the existing road pavement
  • Laying of new asphalt road surface
  • Reconstruction of vehicle crossings between new kerb and footpath edge
  • Reinstatement of nature strips
  • Total length 310m

Budget and Timelines

  • Budget $865,730
  • Construction Start Date:  August 2019
  • Construction End Date:  January 2020