West Street, Brunswick - A Park Close to Home

A park close to home 


Moreland City Council is creating two new parks for the community. The first will be located in Tinning Street and the other West Street. This new park is part of Council's Park Close to Home Framework.



The West Street park development includes 1,3,5,7 and 11 West Street and 29 and 31 Breese Street, Brunswick (PDF 7Mb).

Have your say - ideas generation

We hosted a series of community workshops in July where we asked the following questions:

  •     What is your big idea for the new park on West Street? and
  •     What about Brunswick would you like to see celebrated in the new park on West Street?

Key themes

A summary of the key themes requested during ideas generation include:

  • A green space with lots of trees and increased canopy cover
  • Nature and adventure play elements with climbing / cubby style structure
  • Productive gardening for community use with composting / worm farm facilities
  • Celebration of local culture through indigenous plantings, art (ie sculptures) and other means
  • Improved amenities, including BBQ, shelter, drink bottle refill stations, bike parking, toilets and seating
  • Water sensitive design elements

Concept development

Council is now developong a draft concept for the new park on West and Breese Street based on the above key themes. This draft concept will be presented to the community for further feedback in October 2019.

Further information