Tinning Street, Brunswick - A Park Close to Home

We’re creating a number of new parks in suburbs across Moreland that need them the most. One of the first parks to be delivered is going to be located at 55-61 Tinning Street, Brunswick (PDF 6Mb).

Name your new park on Tinning Street, Brunswick

Three name options for the new park at Tinning Street were raised by the community during consultations in September 2019. The three suggested names relate to the history, heritage and character of Brunswick.

You are invited to vote on your preferred name for Brunswick's new park via the Conversations Moreland website by Tuesday 31 December 2019.

Final concept plan

We’re pleased to present the final concept plan for how the new park at Tinning Street will be constructed. The designs shown in this plan follow the conclusion of our community engagement process. Changes made reflect the feedback received from the community including our last stage of consultation that was held in September this year. There is also some revision to the earlier draft concept arising from the need to contain costs of site demolition and construction of the new park.

You can view a summary of our the 2nd round of engagement findings, which helped shape the final concept plan.

Summary of final round feedback

There was overwhelming support for the overall direction of the design proposals with some elements that were very popular, some things people thought could be improved and some that saw opinion divided. People also expressed concern over issues of safety and security and sought more clarity about things such as lighting and traffic.

For more detail on the feedback received, you can download a copy of the summary of the 2nd round of engagement findings. (PDF 184Kb)

Key elements of the final concept

Many of the design elements of the draft concept are preserved in the final concept plan:

  • Plenty of space for play, incorporating native plants and materials
  • Lots of trees providing canopy cover for shade
  • A wide variety of play opportunities for a broad age range of children
  • Incorporation of street art and murals by local artists and recognition of local identity in the new park
  • Plenty of amenities including toilet, seating, drink bottle refill station, drinking fountain plus bowl for dogs

Changes to the design are:

  • Inclusion of concrete kerbing and post and rail fencing along Cassels Road on the western edge of the park, to provide a safety barrier from traffic in the laneway
  • A concrete path along the Cassels Road laneway to provide all weather pedestrian comfort and better safety
  • An extra seat under shade trees beside the lawn, to provide a place for repose away from other activities in the park
  • Inclusion of a vegetated buffer zone between the playspace and southern laneway, planted with trees to provide better separation between the park and adjoining residences
  • Replacement of the play tower in the playspace in favour of a combination unit with ropes play, with reduction in height out of consideration for privacy in adjoining residences
  • Nature play is extended throughout the playspace

To offset costs of changes and additions:

  • Outdoor exercise equipment is left out in favour of providing an area under the shaded arbour that could be an informal space for people to meet or conduct activities
  • Water play is left out in favour of creating an area for toddler play under the shaded arbour, made with a low wall and seating for parents or playgroup carers
  • Sand play is retained and located within the playspace softfall area 

Further enquiries

You can email our Open Space Team or call us on 9240 1111 to answer your queries

Construction timelines

  • Demolition of the buildings is expected to commence in October 2019
  • Construction of the new park is expected to commence early 2020

Tinning Street