Merlynston Linear Park - Development (Stage 3)

Project background

The Merlynston Creek Park Draft Development Plan (PDF 880Kb) was developed with the input of the Merlynston Sustainability Group and Melbourne Water, and was endorsed by Council in March 2015. 

The plan is long term plan to improve this open space over several years and is dependent on funding being available to achieve the overall vision.

Merlynston Linear Park - Development (Stage 1) was implemented between 2014 and 2016, including a new play space and basketball half court at Sanger Reserve, corner of Lily Street and Guilfoyle Avenue.

Upgrades continued with the Merlynston Linear Park - Development (Stage 2) development which was completed in 2017.

Stage 3 focuses on improvements to the land between Tonkin and Rollo Streets. 


Council has allocated funding in the 2017-18 financial year to continue improvements along the Merlynston Linear Park. Specifically, for stage 3 improvements to the land between Tonkin and Rollo Streets.

Tonkin - Rollo 'Play Moments' Concept Plan was prepared for this space.

The proposal incorporates a blend of sensory play over the ground and among garden beds through a variety of paving and hard materials which can be used for balancing, standing and sitting on, as well as some new, contemporary play equipment. These new elements will activate the space and provide better access through this reserve with small play moments to excite children on their way through.

Residents and the wider community were invited to submit feedback on the proposal shown in the Tonkin - Rollo 'Play Moments' Concept Plan (PDF 478Kb). Feedback closed on Friday 20 April 2018.

We will now review and consider feedback in the development of the design.


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