Allard Park Playground Upgrade

Allard Park Plaground

In 2019, Council upgraded the park and playground at Allard Park, as part of the the Moreland Play Strategy 2016-20 (PDF 2Mb). 

The upgrade incorporates a blend of refurbished and contemporary play equipment, recycled materials, exercise stations and improvements to the circuit path. The design was themed around bicycles, based on the existing equipment and an increase in bicycle activity in the area.  

Features of the park includes:

  • A small bike track made from mounded soil, with a combination of surfaces and obstacles for young cyclists to navigate and experience around the circuit
  • New playground equipment
  • Installation of exercise stations and drinking fountains around the existing ovals
  • Proposed sculpture in the centre of the playground that utilises the existing decommissioned light pole and incorporating wheels and spinning characteristics 
  • A combination of recycle bluestone pitchers, recycled tyres, rocks and logs for balancing, standing and sitting will be installed in the playground. These elements will activate the space, create more variety and utilise the natural shade from the surrounding trees
  • Installation of picnic tables.



This project received grant funding from the Australian Government through Sport Australia's Community Sport Infrastructure Grant Program. 

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