Fleming Park, Brunswick East – Redevelopment


Fleming Park, Brunswick

Details of works   

The 2018 Master Plan Refresh was adopted by Council in 2018 Final Fleming Park Master Plan (PDF 48Mb).

A consultant team has been engaged with preliminary design, site assessment and due diligence investigations underway.


The park is of heritage significance with potential works being assessed against the recent Heritage Citation (PDF 5Mb) prior to design being undertaken. Upon completion of the heritage assessment a concept design proposal will be developed for public consultation. This concept is expected to be completed in July/August 2019.

Minor works

A number of small-scale opportunities throughout the park were identified in the master plan. A minor works package is being compiled to address a number of these, with the aim to undertake these works August 2019.


  • Public consultation on a re-imagined Grandstand is expected to commence in late July/August 2019
  • Minor works is expected to be undertaken August 2019
  • Preliminary design for the overall Fleming Park redevelopment is anticipated to be considered by Council mid 2019, following completion of the site assessment and due diligence investigations.


Master plan budget $11.6 million over 12 years.

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