Supplier Portal help

How to register on Supplier Portal

On your first visit to the Supplier Portal you will need to register. There is no cost to register.

To register you need:

  • your business name
  • your Australian Business Number (ABN), if applicable
  • your contact details, and
  • an understanding of what your business may want to register to do.

Once you provide basic details the system will send you an email with your login.

Once you have registered, you can register your interest in a tender and download tender files. You can also commence pre-qualification by working your way through and certification, safety or other requirements you are interested in.

Once you are registered, if council lists a public event for the categories you have listed your company under, you will be notified by email. No more need to search through the Age newspaper each Saturday.

Register on the Portal.

I need help to register

Email Moreland Council Procurement your contact details and an officer will contact you.

Is there a charge to register?

There is no cost to register and there is no cost to look at tender documents or submit responses.

For more complex tenders there is software that can be purchased to make it easier to complete the response off-line. It is not necessary to buy this software and a response can be completed on-line.

For simpler tenders and quotes no cost applies.

Is it safe?

All documents loaded to the system are virus checked.

Only a person with your logon and password can access your data.

When you upload your documents Moreland staff cannot open them until the tender closes, so they are secure and cannot be leaked. All conversations within the system are recorded and reported as part of an auditable trail.

Where does Council advertise its tenders?

Public tenders are advertised mainly in The Age newspaper, however may also be advertised in the Herald Sun.

Council tenders will be loaded to the Portal and therefore companies registered to be notified will be emailed when a suitable public tender is available.

Non-public tenders will usually not be advertised and only those companies selected will be emailed.

We strongly encourage suppliers and potential suppliers to register to make sure you are notified of Council tenders. This lets Moreland City Council direct tender notifications to relevant tenderers.

Can I still find tenders in the paper?

Council will still advertise in the paper however tenders will need to be collected and submitted electronically. Quotes are generally not advertised publically, so the best way to be informed is to register.

Can I still submit my tender by hard copy?

Moreland City Council rarely accepts submissions of any type in hard copy. Moreland City Council will only accept hard copy for events where hard copy is specifically stated. A significant reason would need to exist, and it is likely that the core of the tender would still be electronic.