Proposed Subterranean Road Discontinuance

We are proposing to discontinue a subterranean stratum of Duckett Street, Brunswick.

The 3.7m wide stratum of road reserve extends from the front boundary of 7 Duckett Street to the front boundary of 10 Duckett Street, Brunswick. The stratum is located between 1.02m and 1.12m below the existing road pavement and has a depth of 1.20m.

If discontinued, Council proposes to sell the land from the subterranean
stratum of road reserve to Duckett Acquisition Collective Pty Ltd, the developer of the Nightingale Village in Hope and Duckett Streets, Brunswick by private treaty in accordance with its Rights of Way Associated Policies 2011 and Rights of Way Strategy 2011.

The proposed subterranean discontinuance will not affect the use of Duckett Street as the proposed discontinuance is subterranean.

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Following the consideration of any submissions, Council may decide to discontinue and sell the subterranean stratum of road reserve, part of the road reserve, or not to discontinue and sell the road reserve.

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Enquiries tcan be directed to Paul D’Elia, Property Officer on 9355 4298 or