Draft Vehicle Crossing Policy

Council’s Vehicle Crossing Policy 2014 is under review. Views on the proposed changes to the policy are sought from Moreland residents by March 31. 

The review is being undertaken to update the policy in view of Council’s declaration of the Climate Change Emergency and Council’s adoption of the following action plans and strategies:

  • Urban Heat Island Effect Action Plan
  • Moreland Parking Strategy
  • Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy
  • Moreland Pedestrian Strategy
  • Moreland Urban Forest Strategy
  • Moreland Drainage Asset Management Strategy

What is a Vehicle Crossing?

A vehicle crossing is the pavement constructed to allow vehicles to cross the roadside kerb, nature strip and footpath to access the adjacent property.

 Vehicle Crossing

Vehicle Crossing - Widths

The review recommends that new vehicle crossings to single dwellings be limited to a maximum of 3.5 metres wide.  Additional width will only be permitted to access both parking spaces inside a double garage close to the street.

Vehicle Crossings - Impacts

Reducing the maximum width reduces the number of street trees and nature strips that are being removed and encourages retention of private gardens.

Property Widths

A new vehicle crossing removes 5 to 5.5 metres of kerb along the road.  Since the majority of properties across Moreland are over 15 metres (50 feet) wide, the loss of 5 metres of kerbing represents less than one third of the frontage of these properties. 

However, 5 metres represents most of the frontage of properties that are less than 9 metres wide.  These are mostly in the inner urban areas where vehicle crossings were never intended. 

Therefore, the review recommends single dwelling properties less than 9 metres wide not have vehicle crossings.

Review the draft Vehicle Crossing Policy

Views on the proposed changes are sought from residents. Comments are welcomes until Tuesday 31 March 2020. 
Please email your comments to: Team Leader Development Engineering workswithinroadreserves@moreland.vic.gov.au