Draft Moreland Gender Equality Commitment


Council’s Draft Gender Equality Commitment is designed to ensure that Council promotes, progresses, and models gender equity. It provides a framework to ensure Council’s actions and services are inclusive, culturally safe and respectful for all gender and cultural identities.

The draft commitment has been developed based on a review of current legislation and policy and is aligned under our Human Rights Policy. It is an update of Council's existing Statement of Commitment to Women and connected to the Preventing Family Violence in Moreland Strategy 2016-2020 (PDF 1Mb) and Active Women and Girls Strategy.

Over the last 11 months, Council has conducted extensive community engagement to develop the draft commitment including community forums, events, focus groups and a community working group. With unprecedented community engagement and passion, this work has identified the vision and principles that guide the Draft Gender Equality Commitment.


What is gender equality?

Gender equality means the equality of rights, opportunities and responsibilities for people of all genders. Promoting gender equality prevents family violence and other forms of violence against women and girls.

Moreland City Council acknowledges the inequality that exists when it comes to gender identities at all intersections of our community – from education to economics, self-representation to safety, and housing to visibility in the public record. We know there is no one size fits all approach to solving gender inequality; our framework was developed in partnership with community and will remain adaptive and responsive to social and cultural changes in this field.

What is the Draft Gender Equality Commitment?

The draft commitment is a set of guiding principles with an adaptive framework and operates under responsive time frames. It includes measurable targets and transparent evaluation and has community suggested outcomes.

Have your say

Residents were invited to provide feedback on the Draft Moreland Gender Equality Commitment in December 2018. Community feedback that was receieved will be collated and contribute towards the final commitment.


Further information

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