Community engagement and public participation in Moreland

Conversations MorelandMoreland Council is committed to improving how we involve local communities in the matters that impact and interest them in order to deliver better projects, service outcomes and decisions.

In 2018, we established a Community Reference Group to provide advice about how we can improve community engagement.

In December 2018, Council adopted its Community Engagement and Public Participation Policy which outlines our commitment to putting the community at the heart of everything that we do.

Over the coming 12 months and beyond we will be improving the quality of community engagement services that we offer to the Moreland community.

If you have suggestions about ways that we can continuously improve, please get in touch!

Check out our Conversations Moreland website.

We have launched our new community engagement website, Conversations Moreland.

Conversations Moreland is Moreland's online community where you can join the conversation about important matters shaping our city.

Here you can learn about local projects; contribute ideas and feedback, exchange views with others and learn about how your input has made a difference.

The Conversations Moreland website supports the City of Moreland's Community Engagement and Public Participation Policy which aims to meaningfully involve the community in all matters that impact and interest them.

Virtual Moreland

Moreland is one of just a few Councils in Victoria that uses 3D mapping, 3D modelling, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to involve local communities in our planning processes.
We use our Virtual Moreland technology to bring draft plans for streetscapes, parks and other improvement projects to life in a virtual world. In this way our community can have an immersive experience of draft plans and provide feedback.

Learn more about Virtual Moreland.

Further information

For further information to raise suggestions about how Moreland can continue to improve how it engages the local community, contact Nat McGlone, Coordinator Community Engagement and Public Participation on 9240 1111 or email

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