Community engagement and public participation in Moreland

Hands in the airWe’ve heard the Moreland community tell us we need to look again at how Council engages with and consults community.

Your Council believes that all people should be able to contribute to their community and city, and working together we will do better.


As the closest tier of government to the local community, we play a vital, though often background, role in the lives of residents, ratepayers and visitors. In order to serve you well, we must reach out to understand your needs, interests and wisdom around any given topic. We will make changes so that you can be appropriately engaged in the work of maintaining a thriving city, and welcome increasing community participation.

What does the focus look like?

Between now and August 2018, Council will be working to make changes that build greater understanding and involvement. This requires a fundamental rethink and potential organisational change, and must be based on shared understanding of community, Councillors and the staff.

Developing the new approach will be carried out in a way that models the principles of engagement: The people impacted are informed, consulted and involved. A Community Reference Group (thirteen community members, three Councillors and six Council staff members) has been established and is meeting at least six times in 2018 to understand the situation from each other’s perspectives: … the wisdom of the community always enhances the knowledge of the experts.

Over the next several months a project team of staff will be working with the Reference Group to learn from past experience as well as examining good practice in other organisations.

The engagement refresh project seeks to promote active engagement of people in their neighbourhoods and on issues which impact on them. The success of this process will greatly enhance Moreland’s ability to become a Connected, Progressive and Responsible Council.

The Moreland Engagement Strategy (PDF 8Mb) is currently under review, and is still valid. It sets out the principles and expectations for productive engagement.

These pages will be updated as the project progresses.

More information

Questions, suggestions? Please contact the Community Development Programs Coordinator on email or phone 9240 1111.