Waste management charge

What is the waste charge?

Council's waste charge is included on your rates notice as a separate item.

This charge relates to Council collection of kerbside garbage, recycling and green waste as well as the biannual hard waste collection service.

Only those properties that pay Council's waste charge are entitled to the biannual hard waste collection. Please refer to your rates notice if you are unsure whether you pay the charge or contact Council.

How the waste charge is calculated

Your waste charge is based on the capacity, or size, of the garbage bin you have chosen.

Current waste charges for the 2018-19 financial year (valid until 30 June 2019):

  • 80-litre bin has a waste charge of $175.14;
  • 120-litre bin has a waste charge of $394.06;
  • 240-litre bin has a waste charge of $831.90.

Shared 120-litre and 240-litre bins relate to flats and apartments where more than one household shares a bin.

This year you may notice an increase to your waste charge. Council had previously included part of its waste costs into rates. Due to the introduction of a rate cap, this is no longer possible, so the waste charge you see on your rates notice now represents the full cost of Council providing this service.