Amendment C159: Moreland Neighbourhood Centres Strategy

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Planning Panel Report

The Panel appointed to consider the public submissions to Amendment C159 has released its report. The Panel recommends that the Amendment be adopted subject to changes outlined in the report.

Council considered a report on the Panel's recommendations on 8 February 2017 but resolved to defer the item to the Council Meeting on 8 March 2017.  

An invitation to submitters to attend a meeting on 2 March 2017, was sent on 16 February 2016.  

The meeting on 2 March 2017 will be held at 6.30 pm at the Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg.

Panel Hearing 

A Panel Hearing for Amendment C159 the Moreland Neighbourhood Centres Strategy was held between 23 August 2016 and 6 September 2016.  

See below for Council's Submission to the Panel (Part A, Part B, and Part C):

About Amendment C159

Amendment C159 implements the Draft Neighbourhood Centres Strategy (NCS) 2015 (PDF 13Mb) into the Moreland Planning Scheme.

Council’s vision for Neighbourhood Centres is to allow change towards a new character. Council needs to change its Planning Scheme to achieve this. The Neighbourhood Centres amendment is referred to as Amendment C159 to the Moreland Planning Scheme.

The proposed amendment will affect the type of buildings that can be built in Neighbourhood Centres. The proposed changes to the planning scheme include:

Status update

At its meeting on 8 June 2016, Council resolved to:

  • Note the summary of submissions received in response to the exhibition

  • Endorse the response to submissions outlined in the Council report to form the basis of Council's submission to a Panel

  • Endorse the proposed changes to the Design and Development Overlay (Schedule 24) and the Residential Growth Zone (Schedule 2) in response to submissions

  • After taking consideration of the submissions received propose to implement the following zone change and additional notice be sent to affected land and adjoining sites with submissions to be presented directly to the independent Panel:

    1. In the Grantham Street Neighbourhood Centre Union Street properties (PDF 762Kb) east of O'Grady on the north side of Union Street and east of Millward Street on the south side of Union Street be rezoned from Residential Growth Zone (RGZ) to Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ)

    2. In the Grantham Street Neighbourhood Centre properties that face NRZ on the west side of Millward Street (PDF 762Kb) to be rezoned from RGZ to General Residential Zone (GRZ)

    3. In the Melville and Albion Street Neighbourhood Centre properties on the west side of Burnell Street (PDF 888Kb) to be rezoned from GRZ to NRZ. 

  • Request the Minister for Planning appoint an independent Panel in accordance with Part 8 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 to consider submissions to Amendment C159, and 

  • Provide the Director of Planning and Economic Development delegated authority to make any further changes to the response to submissions, draft Neighbourhood Centres Strategy, Background Report and Amendment C159 that may be required as part of making Council's submission to the Panel.

Additional notice explaining the proposed change and process has been sent to:

  • All properties affected by the proposed zone changes, and 

  • All properties immediately next to properties proposed to be rezoned.

All submissions on the proposed rezonings will be directly referred to a Panel for consideration together with all other submissions previously received on the amendment.  

You can read the submissions  received by Council during the original exhibition period:

More information

For further information, please phone Council’s Strategic Planning Team on 9384 9230 or email Strategic Planning.


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