2. Submit a planning permit application

Planning fully digital

After you have attended your pre-application meeting with a Council planning officer and understand what documentation is required for your application, you can submit your planning permit application.

How to submit a planning permit application


  • You need to register first as a user with Council Online Services before you can submit a planning permit application online. If you have booked a pre-application meeting with Council online, you will already be registered.
  • Once you are a registered user, sign in and lodge a planning permit application. Select your application type from the list below 'Planning permit applications'.
  • As part of the online application process, you upload digital files and pay the planning fee online with Visa or MasterCard.

When Council receives your application, you receive an automated email confirmation that your application has been received. 

The application is allocated an application number and given to a Council planning officer who begins the assessment process. You are notified of the application number, planning officer's name and contact details.

Mail or in person

You can download the Application for Planning Permit form (PDF 666Kb) and submit with all the required documentation and applicable planning fees.

  • Mail to Moreland City Council, Locked Bag 10, Moreland, VIC 3058, or
  • Submit in person at the Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg.

Council Planning team operates digitally and does not work with hard copy documents. When Council receives a hard copy planning application, Council must first scan all documents and plans. The application is then allocated an application number and given to a Council planning officer. 

If an email address is provided, you will receive notification of the application number and officer's contact details by email. Otherwise, notification is sent by post.

What to include with your planning permit application

You need to include the following with your planning permit application.

Some applications may require additional information. A Council planning officer will let you know if more information is needed.


You need to provide a copy of plans for your proposed development with your application. 

The plans must have dimensions, be drawn to scale and show the details of all buildings or other structures proposed.

Title details

You need to provide a current copy of the Certificate of Title for your property (less than 3 months old).

You can get a current copy of the Certificate of Title for your property by searching the title register on the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure website.

The Certificate of Title should include full information of any covenants or restrictions on the title and a plan or diagram showing the lot layout and dimensions.

You also need to include the Register Search Statement from your search.

Other information

  • Details of the applicant and the land owner
  • Application details, such as the current land use, the proposed land use and estimated cost, and
  • Whether a pre-application meeting has taken place (if applicable).

Planning permit application checklists

For more information about the planning process, see The planning process - a guide for applicants (PDF 5Mb) or The planning process - a guide for applicants (DOC 5Mb).

The following checklists will help you to make sure that you have included all the required information with your application.

If you need further advice about what information is required you can contact Council or visit Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg to speak to a Council planning officer.