Story writing competition

2017 short story writing competition

Writers of all ages entered the Moreland City Libraries’ 2017 story writing competition.

The topic for 2017 was  – I woke up and discovered I wasn’t in my bed.

Here are our winners:

Up to 8 years of age

Winner up to 8 years of age: Sarasie (PDF 3Mb)

Encouragement award: Charlie (PDF 433Kb)

Ages 9 - 12 

Winner: Daniel (PDF 641Kb)

Encouragement award: Ava (PDF 827Kb)

Ages 13 - 18

Winner: Mia (PDF 43Kb)

Encouragement award: Griffin (PDF 394Kb)

Adult category

Winner: Ashleigh (PDF 45Kb)

Encouragement award: April  (PDF 5Kb)