Moreland Arts Board and strategy

Moreland is developing its new Arts and Culture Strategy The Strategy will articulate how Moreland supports, advocates and collaborates with its creative sector. To make sure we set the right priorities and develop strategies that will meet our goals we need your input.

Current Arts and Culture Strategy

Moreland’s current Arts and Culture Strategy guides Council in appropriately supporting the development of arts and culture across Moreland and express both community and Council's commitment to their vital role in the City of Moreland.

The key objectives of the strategy are to:

  • strengthen, develop and support creative spaces and cultural assets in Moreland
  • present, facilitate and partner a range of arts and culture experiences
  • build and support the capacity of the community to develop arts and culture initiatives, and
  • value, acknowledge and advocate for artists and the contribution of the arts to Moreland. 

To read the full Strategy see the links below:

Moreland Arts Board

The Moreland Arts Board has an overarching role to advance arts and culture in Moreland. It is the principal consultative body advising Council in furthering the cultural vitality of the city.

The board has both community and Councillor representatives.

See Moreland Arts Board for membership and further details.