Overhanging branches

Resident responsibilities

It is your responsibility to make sure footpaths, laneways, rights of way and roads that adjoin your property are free of obstructions to pedestrians and other road users. 

Trees need to be trimmed to a clearance height of 3 metres. Branches, shrubs and other vegetation must be pruned back to your property line.

This is for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, to allow clear visibility and to prevent damage to vehicles.

Report overhanging branches

To report overhanging branches on footpaths, laneways or roads report the issue through the Council website or contact Council.

If the overhanging branch is from a private residence, a Council officer will inspect the property and then contact the property owner to request they cut the branches. Property owners may be fined if they do not comply with the request.

If the overhanging branch is from a street tree, a Council officer will inspect the tree and schedule pruning if required. Council has a regular program for pruning lower branches of street trees to a clearance height of 3 metres.

Overhanging branches from your neighbour's property

Council does not have the power to deal with trees or branches that are overhanging onto private property.

Disputes between neighbours about trees are covered by common law and are best resolved by talking directly to your neighbour.

If talking to your neighbour is unsuccessful, you can contact the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria. This is a free service and can help you resolve your dispute without having to resort to taking legal action. Interpreters are provided.