Food systems and urban agriculture

baskets of fresh vegetables and fruitThe Moreland community does a range of exciting work in relation to food, including growing at home, social enterprises, community gardens, free food events, food swaps, food festivals and more.

Moreland City Council is actively working to support these kinds of initiatives now, and in the future.

The story so far

From July through to September 2015, a group of community members met to provide input into the Council’s food system priorities. Consultations were undertaken with Council staff and other organisations were also asked for their input. 

 Steering Committee members provide input into the Urban Agriculture & Food Production Strategy
Steering Group members provide input into the strategy at the first meeting.

Read more about the process we undertook in the Seeding Change report (PDF 14Mb)

The Moreland Food Systems Framework (MFSF)

Food is a central part of daily life, food related activities are social, economic, transport-based, waste-management oriented, and much more.

All the aspects of how food is grown, moved, used and disposed of, can be collectively termed a Food System.

The Seeding Change report provides background, explanatory information and recommendations to accompany the Moreland Food System Framework that has also been developed during this process. 

The MFSF will guide future directions for urban food use in Moreland. There are three clear goals:

  1. sustainable food system that contributes to a more resilient community and a healthier environment
  2. A just food system that ensures food is socially and economically accessible to everyone in the community, and
  3. vibrant food system that protects and nurtures food, culture celebrates diversity and builds community.

Specifically, the Framework (PDF 3Mb) can be used by Council and the community to better guide, support and implement urban food systems and initiatives. 

A Council Report (PDF 1Mb) was presented at a Council meeting on the 7 October 2015, during which the development of the MFSF was noted. 

Current status

From November 2015 until July 2016, further consultations were undertaken with Council Business Units, community organisations and community members. These consultations identified how the Moreland Food System Framework could be applied to Council actions and community activities.

A report was presented to Council on 10 August 2016 that proposed to endorse the Moreland Food System Framework and actions to implement key deliverables from the Framework until October 2017.

This work focussed on three key areas:

  • Improved Council processes and coordination
  • Improved access to information, and
  • Research-based policy and project development. 

Please see the full Council Report (PDF 7Mb) for details. 

This item was deferred by Council and future work is to be defined in the coming months.

Food security 

Research on Food Security has recently been completed by a Masters of Public Health student from Melbourne University. The purpose of the research was to produce a background report that collates local evidence about the issue of Food Security in Moreland.

The Food Security in the City of Moreland Background Report (PDF 997Kb) was independently produced by Cindy Tran. If you would like to talk to her directly about her findings and recommendations, please contact her via email